A reimagining by Alana Dee Haynes.


Alana Dee Haynes is a Brooklyn based artist who illustrates on found fashion photography. This sounds like it might yield crappy results, like something out of a high school Trapper Keeper, but Alana is actually masterfully good at this. She makes it look SO REAL. In some photos her subjects look like they were intensely tattooed or scaly like Mystique from X men. Some are purposely surreal and in others, its hard to tell what backgrounds are real and what are fake. Hanes uses simple shapes found in nature- cellular, rippled, to add depth and texture to pieces. People are drawn to them, she says, because “because inside us all we see things with added patterns, added meanings, and we read deeper into every image we see.” Alana is also developing a line of clothing based on her illustrations. I would wear the shit out of one of those eyeball jackets.

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  1. Craig says:

    Can I emphasise how fricking amazing Nicole you really are your sketches are my favorite gift from your talented mind your brilliant to me. Have a great day.
    Thank you Nicole and to the people behind the wonderful efforts which bring me good feelings about your work. From Craig