The prettiest home in blogland.


That title isn’t an exaggeration, it’s a fact. My good friend Christine, writer of the blog Bijou and Boheme, has one of the most defined aesthetics on the web, and literally the prettiest house in the blogosphere. It’s so HER, which is gloriously feminine, romantic, with a dash of edge that keeps it from being too twee or saccharine. I sometimes feel like her style is the feminine ying to the masculine yang of my aesthetic – we like the same things, we just run them through our different filters. I actually wish I could execute as swiftly and consistently as Christine. Everything she touches is beautiful. And she completes these transformations in record time. A massive home tour was featured on Style Me Pretty, and Christine gave me the OK to repost! Check out the original blog post for a BILLION more photos. Plus, she lists all her sources!  52ebcdd6c0e04$!900x 52ebcddb44194$!900x 52ebcdc940c27$!900x 52ebcde280dd6$!900x 52ebcdb4a5aca$!900x 52ebcdb1f0a29$!900x 52ebcdb4a9554$!900x 52ebcdb6e8116$!900x 52ebcdbb47a62$!900x 52ebcdc99b936$!900x 52ebcded2b5e0$!900x Photos by Ashely Capp
Design by Christine of Bijou and Boheme
Kitchen Design by Meredith Heron


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  1. I’ll be ying to your yang anytime my friend;)

    Thank you for this- absolutely made my day sweeter.

    Heart you greatly. xoxo

  2. Lauren says:

    This really is the prettiest home (besides yours of course!).

  3. Craig says:

    Tiles, and the love scrawl stand out.
    Digging the washing machines good blues
    Again a mention to Nicole your writing is awesome you have me curious
    Happy Valentine’s
    From Craig White

  4. Hi Nicole! Your words are SO perfect about Christine’s incredible style! And I am so glad to know of your blog now, looking forward to delving into all of it!! xo!

  5. yeah. it’s sickening how much her shit is together. and she’s the kindest person on the earth to boot.

  6. I absolutely ADORE this home. And She’s Canadian TOO! Bonus as the sources are actually accessible to me living in Calgary. Thanks so much for the post Nicole, as always I love reading your blog daily.

  7. I adore her and her entire home…she amazes me…and her new website is so good!

  8. Tina Slocum says:

    I’ve seen photos of the kitchen before and adored it like no other! So great to see the rest of the home here and wow it’s equally as glamorous! So divine.