Are never ever plain?(Lame joke, I know!)

This apartment in Barcelona by David Kohn Architects’ was awarded best interior design for last year at the INSIDE FESTIVAL. It’s in Barcelona’s gothic quarter. It was commissioned by two Barcelonian brothers, who now live abroad. The goal was intimate, but private and David Kohn describes it as, ”An homage to Barcelona.”


Look at this second photo and scroll up and down a lot of times. Trippy! The tile shape was inspired by the actual shape of the apartment. TRICKY. Look how they look like they are different color in different parts of the room and from different closeness. Is that an optical illusion, or is it gradiented?

5-Carrer-Avinyo-David-Kohn-Architects-Barcelona-photo-Jose-Hevia-Blach-yatzer 14-Carrer-Avinyo-David-Kohn-Architects-Barcelona-photo-Jose-Hevia-Blach-yatzer-1

0a-Carrer-Avinyo-David-Kohn-Architects-Barcelona-photo-Jose-Hevia-Blach-yatzer 0-Carrer-Avinyo-David-Kohn-Architects-Barcelona-photo-Jose-Hevia-Blach-yatzer




“The tiles were ordered from Mosaics Martí, Antonio Gaudí’s supplier back in the day, and have been designed using 25 colours which progressively change throughout the space not only to maximize the illusion of space but also to create the necessary division of the brothers’ spaces without using anything rigid. For example, the custom designed dining table sits at one extremity, where the two lines converge and lead right outside onto the streets. Where the colours of the tiling are the most mixed, this reflects that this is one of the designated areas to be shared. The rest of the flooring maps out each brother’s personal space – one more red, the other leaning more towards green.”

3-Carrer-Avinyo-David-Kohn-Architects-Barcelona-photo-Jose-Hevia-Blach-yatzer 4-Carrer-Avinyo-David-Kohn-Architects-Barcelona-photo-Jose-Hevia-Blach-yatzer

AMAZING! If you love awesome tiled floors (who doesn’t?) see also THIS POST. 

Photos by  Jose Hevia Blach, via Yatzer, more photos and info there as well!


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  1. Craig says:

    Night time in candle light Night time in moon light
    Of course I love tiles also small things like small tiles like small square smarties or m+ms, what tapestry were done in, what are they called ? This is Spain aahh so
    From Craig