NUDES in Vintage Denim.


A friend forwarded this to me, thinking I would like it. YEP. A few months ago the estate of legendary photographer Sam Haskin posted this to their blog, and the images have been making the tumblr rounds.  In the seventies Levis had a competition and a traveling exhibition of denim decorated by their customers. The results were amazing. (Do you see how “DIY”, and guerrilla marketing campaigns have been around forever?) Sam Haskin shot the denim, but sadly the executives at Levis got cold feet over the nudes and the photographs were never used commercially. [NSFW btw.]

Who else really wants embroidered bell bottoms now? ME.

tumblr_m097xggWZX1r8vlx8o1_1280 tumblr_m1186eI6yK1r8vlx8o1_1280 Delia-Levis-on-Straw-Bale_by-Sam-Haskins1 delia-dragon-pants-sam-haskins1 Delia-Levis-Brown-Grass-3-by-Sam-Haskins Delia-Levis-Sun-Motive-by-Sam-Haskins Delia-Levis-on-floor-by-Sam-Haskins-02 Delia-Levis-Guns-and-Breast-by-Sam-Haskins Delia-in-Dragon-Pant-by-Sam-Haskins-021 660d3c1c10b42064152190980df75637


Via Stoned Immaculate Vintage and Sam Haskin’s blog

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  1. I love these photos.

  2. Craig White says:

    I do not know how to thank you.

  3. Stunning photos! I may be obsessed with the first two pair of jeans. The embroidery is amazing!

  4. That last one is going to give me perverse nightmares.

  5. I would totally wear that farm pair

  6. omg yes! i want to hang the photos, i want the denim on my person and i would like the denim framed and hung as well. what a find.

  7. amazing! love the 70’s for so many reasons, this is one more.