Max Poglia.

a9add04a612911e39f47126b152ee5e0_8 A few days ago I was helping my friend Emily Johnston style and shoot her place when the doorbell rang, and a beautiful man walked in out of the bitter cold. “OH, it’s Max!” She said. Max came bearing gifts, a pile of blankets for Emily’s bed. We got to chatting, and Max showed me some more of his stuff. He started by making bags for himself in Brazil while on vacation, and brought some things home as gifts for friends in NY and got excellent feedback. He began working with restaurants and chefs in NY, that included the visual identity for Buvette in the West Village and Paris, where he added a few of his products as part of the decor, blankets included.  He now sells his stuff in a few different places around the city including Warm, 3 x1, Gentry, Modern Anthology and TheBKCircus. His knives are bone, horn and iron and made in brazil. His blankets are raw wool, and his leather bags are made in both brazil and NY.

Brazilian-born Max Poglia has lived the past 10 years between Milan and New York. Informed by his Italian-Brazilian roots and a childhood in south Brazil, his aesthetic is grounded in ancient materials and translated for a contemporary lifestyle.

I think I have gender identity issues, because this stuff gets me higher than the latest issue of Vogue for sure. I want to live in Max Poglia’s world.

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  1. cecilia ramalho timm says:

    Gorgeous work! :)

  2. Craig says:

    Dear Nicole
    You have the world’s greatest taste for everything ever full stop.
    Do you know if Kate moss gets more filthy than relaxing topless in posh stuff in posh places for the playboy do da? You know does she expose her lady parts and all that? Hugh Gerber pumped her ass anyhow good for her!
    Yeah good wool hard to get pen knives and authentic men’s clothes I love all that I wish I could compare my feelings about it to something other than its essential function but to keep warm.
    Oh you enjoy Vogue like those birds on the car film with the butter killing employees off they liked vogue and they won in the end good for them eh!
    Great pics best mail I get no doubt keep up the great efforts Nicole (A gender issue?) Jesus Nicole you are mega hot stuff real crumpet keep flowing forever) from Craig

  3. Craig says:

    That’s Heffner and that’s Pimped her ass (dam mobile auto text does my head in always f-ing up my efforts do forgive no harm intended lots of love Mr White have a great time bye bye.)