Lego Slim Aarons.


Hey! Welcome back, it’s been a while… I took a little vacation, and instead of posting your perfect sparkly party outfit, I thought I would relax a little, right? While in California, we literally hit every single kiddie spot on the coast. One of my favorite places – which surprised me more than anyone – was Legoland! Freakin awesome. We were walking through Miniland, probably the coolest place in the park, and I was just loving life strolling along… NYC! How cool! New Orleans! Awesome! But when I got to Vegas, I just thought: holy shit, LEGO SLIM AARONS.  I only had a few minutes there, because… kids… But I got these few shots, that I think are pretty awesome. I’m going to print one out huge from my kid’s bedroom.

I dunno, they make me smile… so I thought I’d share!

Lego1cinema Lego2cinema

I posted them on UPLO too. Starting the New Year off on a good note! Looking forward to a fun, creative and exciting new year!

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  1. Love these. Only you could pull this off with two kids pulling at you.

  2. Ha!!! love these photos!! clever!

  3. SO great and unexpected. Perfect for your kids rooms.

  4. Seriously in love with this…so adorable!!

  5. eileen millan says:

    Nicole, only you could of pulled off taking and making these pictures awarding winning. They actually made me smile also. I would love one of these shots! ox

  6. stephanie says:

    so awesome! gonna look great in the kids room!

  7. Cailin says:

    Amazing! Id like to buy a HUGE image for my son’s room. Can you do that on UPLO?
    Also, Do you have more images? I only saw 2 posted

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Yes! I emailed you, lets get in touch, but yes you can buy the prints huge on UPLO.

  8. Shannon says:

    Hi there! I am interested in buying a print for my son’s room, but isn’t loading. Are you still selling prints?

    Thank you!