It’s Just A Reflektor.


Mirrors are a common trope in photography, but no less fun or exciting even though they are used a lot. Today I put together some of my favorite mirror play photos, from surreal eye benders of  Yeong Ja Jung to photos by the grandmother of the selfie, Vivian Maier, a street photographer and nanny who passed away in obscurity. On her days off she roamed the streets of New York and Chicago, leaving over 100,000 photos, many still undeveloped. Her work was rescued after her death.

Girl in the Light Girl in the Light photo by Ormond Gigli, NY 1967f2334ef4a2e4728886a2f21eee52dcad

By Manu Pastrana216241_8_600 Yeong Ja Jung18c743b1038480529592a599f2e20fc3Silja Magg f998c31476e38a84b9402b44eb0a0b71 Elisa Sednaoui, by Wendy Bevan

1348549a74ed11e383d012dabd1c8057_8Via Chris Schoonover’s instagram
6e7087a2eb779ab481fdba495c8b62f3 Flora Borsi; Digital, 2013, Photography “See me! “3008375a0654629f0c9d2aeaacc4bb15Saul Leiter, Shopping, 1953216241_7_600 Yeong Ja Jung36f49c5091fd1accc0cb7e52fa5a6403Vivian Maiermirror-reflection-photography Yeong Ja Jungd222fd04b28709e42071575cfd228976unknown0d98e638dcb84703daf93e14def83de0Metz+Racine


Brigitte Bardot in The Truth (1960, dir. Henri-Georges Clouzot)82592f6a49c0453dc57f50c254962ceauknown18280aa7bfff9075716ebee7f17f26fbMatthew Spiegelman – Portal. GAMBP_7-600x900

By Jimmy Marble   and Amanda Jas
IMG_2850-Editweb-600x851By Jimmy Marble and Amanda Jas9c2fe4e4f2200ba6546bdba57ea88d8dvia


By Jessica Calevinc15b4c0562a0712ae11536cc67d38ef9Edin BajricUntitled, UndatedVivian MaierUntitled, Self PortraitVivian Maier

tumblr_lugg3k1VJl1qbitbyo1_1280 By Helmut Newton

Hope you liked the post, I liked writing it.

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  1. Intriquing post…

  2. alyse says:

    love this post!!!

    these pics are awesome

  3. There are some stunning pics here! Love the girl by the pool and the Helmut Newton one!

  4. hi nicole, some credit on jimmy & i’s collaborations would be appreciated. thank you.