Coolest to least cool moments of the Grammys.


I’m not even a Beyonce “Fan” (Capital F) but hell ya, this was cool. “SURFBOART” still cool as fuk.


Still killing it.

3ffc03509f1f612a460f6a706700432e_original Willie Nelson. You have my heart forever. I think I could sport braided pig tails.


Robots and the Arby’s hat. I love you.

Lorde-Grammys-2014 LORDE: 17 years old, paint dipped fingers and she aint naked. YES.

paul-mccartney-dave-grohl-grammys-ftr What the ef happened to Rock and Roll? Everyone nominated in a rock category was at least 20+ years in the business??! Is rock dead and dying? But still, there is nothing more awesome than Dave Grohl saying: I called Paul McCartney and we made this song in two hours just hanging at my house. #Collaborationsareawesome

Jared-Leto-Hair-Makeup-Grammys-2014 Rock Star hotness, I still love you Jordan Catalano.

Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono Royals.

188107042PH00417_56th_GRAMM Sweet and pretty gorgeous looking, but not ya know, cool.

taylorswiftsex1Sex with Piano.

US-MUSIC-GRAMMY AWARDS-SHOWRemember when Metallica performed with an orchestra years ago? I was at one of those concerts… This was cool, but less cool than that?

US-MUSIC-GRAMMY AWARDS-SHOW Don’t get it, and how in hell could that song ROAR be nominated for anything. HOW? Its target audience is my 5 year old Cookie. I think even she is too sophisticated for it. (And JoJo, indie rock only please.)

Robin-Thicke-and-Paula-Patton Kill me. I don’t even need to say anything.

Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis, Queen Latifah This Macklemore song makes me SCARED for the future. It’s so bad. It’s just SO SO BAD. It makes Blurred Lines sound genius. It makes Bound 2 sound like Mozart. Is this one of those things you are supposed to like on principle because it has a good message? It makes me want to stab q-tips into my ears a la Lena Dunham. Then Madge came in pimpin and killed her own 30 year old song. But Queen Latifa looked and was beautiful, as was Mary Lambert. That woman is GORGEOUS. But that song. KILLL ME.

Agree/Disagree? Everyone thinks their taste is the best taste, that’s why it’s their taste, right?

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  1. Craig says:

    Beyonce yer fit as hell
    All the other stuff is way over my head
    Yet I enjoy the efforts provided by our delightful Nicole who to is in her own way a perfect person and I enjoy her work some manly icons would be great in future like the Marlboro gag cowboy in one of Kate Mosses photos that I saw somewhere or a cowboy Elvis something’s like this would be OK to see especially what with our favorite sketched Nicole Go Girl Mwah

  2. Craig says:

    That’s Malboro Fat or cigarettes Cowboy and sketcher rather than sketched
    From Craig

  3. I actually really love the Macklemore song…but even Macklemore himself didn’t think he should win. Here’s his text to Kendrick Lamar after the show:

    He seems like a pretty cool dude to me…

  4. lorde.

  5. Sasha says:

    Ditto Nicole!

  6. Agree with all, but Mack – I love that song.