Time After Time

Ahoy! Writing to you from Sunny Southern California where I’ve decamped for the holidays with the kiddies. I seriously forgot there was such a thing as sunshine. My eyes had to readjust to the sight of colors other than gray. Yesterday my brother got engaged to his girlfriend! WOOHOO! It was such a cute proposal and  I took many, many photos. Which I didn’t even get to look at yet, because  we headed out this AM. Whirlwind. Our family is growing. It’s so exciting.

Anyhoo… Art swap is totally underway! The gifts have been rolling in. It’s taken me a while to take stock and figure out what to send who! So if you sent me something expect something soon (just not by xmas). I’m going to post them all, but right now I just want to share this SONG that I got for art swap. LOVING this whole experience.

Sonny Side Up, co-owner of Snitto and DJ,  mixed one up for me. Already added this baby to my favorites playlist for running.

With album art from our Snitto shoot ;)

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  1. Still accepting gifts?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Yeah sure! Why not…I think it will take all of January to get it done!

  2. Nicole Hervieux says:

    Hi Nicole,
    I am very happy that you are having a lot of fun with your family, isn’t it what Christmas is for? Sharing time with loved one? It is impossible for us to do the same this year for health reason, but I hope that my loved one realized how much we love them even if we are miles apart.
    The best Gift that I am giving you is one of my favourite site, it is inspirational, all about love and makes you appreciate all the best things that life has to offer.
    Today being the 24th of December 2013, reminded me how much we all need that stuff. The site is Godtube.com. Isn’t it ironic since I found you on YouTube.
    Have a great holiday with your family.

  3. ReneeB says:

    Music’s awesome