The Blinds.


I think I burnt myself out this week by heavy loading the front end of the week with all the hard hitting posts. Lesson learned. Gotta spread out the OC (original content) with the other stuff, just for the sake of my sanity! Today I can offer you no more and no less than this collection of photos from Paper – “Dirty blinds and Strange plants: A FASHION ODE TO THE SPARSE STOREFRONT DISPLAYS OF CHINATOWN AND THE GARMENT DISTRICT” - photographed by Andy Spade / styled by Kristen Naiman. I love any type of quirky photography, especially fashion photography when it’s fun, because fashion should be fun. I’ll never scoff at venetian blinds again! Have a great weekend everyone…


blinds9 blinds8 blinds7 blinds6 blinds5 blinds4 blinds3 blinds2


Via Paper Magazine.

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  1. very cool

  2. alyse says:

    Such a cool idea

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