Kate Moss | PLAYBOY.


If you don’t want to see a naked Kate Moss, don’t click through. Because she’s naked. Gloriously, magnificently nude. But so powerful, so intensely a WOMAN that I look at these and almost don’t even see a naked person. I see a woman owning herself. When I wrote about Miley Cyrus, someone emailed me and told me that they too were conflicted about her. Was it empowerment, or something else? I don’t know either. But with Kate, it’s so clear. It was photographed by photographer duo Mert & Marcus and Kate wears bunny ears with Saint Laurent pumps on the magazine’s 60th anniversary cover. The spread is more Helmut Newton than it is Playboy, is it not? Like I would totally hang this.

I think about women and “modesty” a lot. The concept of the male gaze. Thoughts on how a woman should look and act in public. Dress codes for women. Patriarchy. Personally I think a burka and a bikini are more alike than they are different: both can be tools of the male gaze. Both can define women by their sexuality… if we let them I guess. I don’t know what the answer is, I really don’t. I really liked this art project called “Mormon Women Bare” – a mormon photographer photographed some mormon women naked (and unlike Kate, they LOOK naked) in protest of the societal pressures on mormon women. “Mormon Women Bare is about reclaiming. It is about women reclaiming our bodies from a culture that teaches us that we belong to men, to God, to the society that objectifies us. It is about reclaiming the female body as more than just an object of lust or resistance.” – is the description of the project. Is nudity the answer to the problem? Is being naked really reclaiming anything? I REALLY DONT KNOW. For myself, I have problems – real philosophical problems- with a dress code for women. I just do. To me, it means that I’m being defined by my sexuality at all times- no matter my age, no matter my status, no matter what else I’m doing. And I just know that I am so much more than a sum of body parts. I also won’t take responsibility for how men look at me. That’s part of a rape culture ideology- aka she was asking for it. But I do think I dress myself and carry myself in a way that I would be comfortable in all situations. And when I look at Miley’s reclaiming of her sexuality- it makes me uncomfortable, because, well BECAUSE. It’s a tough swim upstream in a rapids infested river for us women, and all I want is a canoe. There are no right answers right now. ANYWAY…. I could go on and on about this. I just want women to feel powerful and make choices for themselves fully in the know of what they are doing. What those choices are doesn’t matter to me. RA RA RA – WOMEN! Now back to the nudity.


kate-moss-mert-marcus-playboy-60th-anniversary-08 kate-moss-mert-marcus-playboy-60th-anniversary-07 kate-moss-mert-marcus-playboy-60th-anniversary-10 kate-moss-mert-marcus-playboy-60th-anniversary-05 kate-moss-mert-marcus-playboy-60th-anniversary-06 kate-moss-mert-marcus-playboy-60th-anniversary-04 kate-moss-mert-marcus-playboy-60th-anniversary-03

This might be the first Playboy I buy for myself.

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  1. That last shot is killer in my opinion. Between the lighting, Ms. Moss herself and the setting, it is something I would totally hang on my wall.

  2. I’m obsessed with everything going on here. All epic, but the last is insane.

  3. That last shot is the best shot. Agreed. I saw Kate Moss one time in person about 10 years ago. Pictures don’t do her justice. She might be one of the few super models that glow in person. Stunning. xo

  4. don’t get me wrong… kate moss is my favorite woman on earth in the beauty and style department. i love her approach to just about everything and i could care less if she has cellulite and a droopy ass…which she does. which is what bothers me the most about this. it’s not real.
    her body no longer looks that awesome and her skin is not great anymore. she is a lifelong smoker and her skin shows it. the photos are gorgeous and artistic and i would hang them in my home, from an artistic standpoint. but..BUT…they aren’t accurate. they have been photoshopped within an inch of their life and i just can’t jump up and down for them bc it’s not real or fair. know what i mean?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I don’t know, look at those contacts… its still kind of droopy. My feelings on this are the same as my feelings on athletes using drugs to cheat at sports: Eh, they are all doing it.

      Obviously, if no one did this it would be better. But still, they are beautiful, and I don’t think another model could pull it off as well.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      And her boobs are amazing.

    • Lauren says:

      I agree. The paps recently photographed her tanning topless and her boobs look nothing like the photos above. The photoshoot was done in good taste & the pictures are beautiful but she’s been touched up.

    • Just another blip in the matrix. i don’t care if she’s photoshopped to the nines and in reality she’s 1million lbs and a brunette. these pics are magic and they, as Sasha said, take us into another world. If we’re regarding this as “art” (and I indeed am), why not leave reality behind and just enjoy?

  5. Her body is just out of this WORLD.

  6. Lauren says:

    That was meant in reply to MFAMB. We commented at the same time, whoops!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      SO i just googled the pics of which you speak. Her boobs look pretty damn good there too. she does look a little… mushier, but she was sitting down. So…. While Im sure there was bountiful touching up, I don’t think its so far off from what she would probably look like with just the make up and good lighting. Don’t underestimate the power of light!

  7. Gorgeous! I love love these photos! I would take her body…photoshopped or un-edited!!

  8. I love this spread & I totally agree on your points re:the male gaze. I think I’m going to be buying this issue too.

  9. Sasha says:

    Photos are supposed to take you to another world. Mission= complete. Photoshopping is the norm in this modern world of photography we live in. The photographer did such a great job of keeping the texture of her skin very real. Photoshop or no photoshop these pics are SPECTACULAR!!!!! KUDOS TO KATE for never giving a rat’s ass!!!!!!! She is a model after all. This isn’t a piece on real women and real bodies. It’s a playboy piece. Photo shopping is to be expected.

  10. rhinografix says:

    Fashion models in Playboy? Looks a lot like they are taking influence from Treats Magazine. Much better photography and style in my opinion.

  11. This spread is artsy, classy and amazing. Kate looks gorgeous as ever!

  12. marta nunez says:

    Kate looks great, I do not know how much the photos have been improved. But I do not care.
    My question would be why at this moment of fame you need Play Boy.

  13. kinta says:

    OMG…her body is so nice..how she can do that in 39?

  14. An emaciated cheap slut. WNF.

    • Mike Nelson says:

      Asby, thought I could read these and enjoy. But then I run into an asshole like u. Don’t have a good evening

  15. Hans Kvinto says:

    Some beautiful nude Pictures of Kate Moss.


  1. Van Mildert says:

    Kate Moss – The New Playboy Bunny

    Kate Moss – The New Playboy Bunny

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