Holiday Art Swap.


Instead of a wish list, or a gift guide, I’m giving you what I’m doing for the holidays with a few of my friends: art swapping. I started this with just a few people and then I liked the idea so much I wanted to share it with you and invite more people to art swap with me!

The basic tenet being: I give you something I made, you give me something you made. Here’s why I think this is awesome – Most people other than immediate family aren’t gonna buy you anything that great or valuable anyway, more like a tchotckeh and I’m wary of those. Wouldn’t you rather have something they made? Especially if they have any talent at all? Yes, I would. It doesn’t even have to be anything that anyone would sell for any amount of money. I would be thrilled with anything, a card, a photo, a song, a DIY, a cake, a copy of your book for all I care (I have friends with books now, WOW.) Anything. Something you made years ago, or something you make just for me. I really don’t care at all!

Wanna know who I want to art swap for the holidays with? I made a list. These are internet friends, real life friends, relatives etc…

Rebecca June
Rosie Assoulin
Caroline Hedaya
Albertina | Mimosa Lane
Leandra Medine | Manrepeller
Eileen Millan
Peter Max (wishful thinking, duh)
Shirley Serure
Courtney | Holding Court
Jimmy Marble
Sasha Bikoff
Jessie Adore
Raquel Cayre
Eddie Cohen
Sophia Braha
Sophia Chabbot
Stephanie Falack
Tunie Betesh
Christian May | Masion 21
Jenny Anderson | MFAMB
Christine | Bijou and Boheme
Sonny Side Up
Alyse Franco
Patrick Cline
Jamie Meares
Cassandra Laville
Erica Rietman
Grace Dayan
Hannah Cohen
Grace | Gracelette
Grace | Sweet Sweet City
Elizabeth Sutton
Emily Johnston
Eli Dweck

OK so I’ve literally called you people out on the internet! LETS DO IT!!! If you are on this list, it means we probably stayed up into the wee hours of the morning chatting about things, e-mailing stuff we love back and forth across the world, collaborating on projects, talking about life, just sharing the general spirit of creativity and that basic feeling of I get you, and you get me.  We’ve probably already given each other things we made in the past, or  made things together! Even if we don’t actually do THIS art swap, I just want to thank all of you for being part of my life and my creative life and making my world richer and happier and fuller.

It’s kind of weird that I made a list, I know. Thats not to say that the people not on the list don’t make my life happy, there are plenty more people who make me smile every day. OBVIOUSLY. But if all these people say yes I’m going to need a couple of interns for the next month, so I had to cut it somewhere!

Email me for my address, send me something and I’ll send you something back! Probably won’t be a 50″ x 50″ canvas, but it will be something cool!

Should I blog all the gifts I receive? And can we spread this idea to other people? NOW this is a cool Secret Santa idea, is it not?


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  1. Nicole – you are the cutest/coolest person ever. What a fun idea!!! ❤ This whole post!!! 100% down to swap some art but we need to go to the studio and blowtorch!!!!!!!! If all the people on the list say yes, you’re going to need to make some new stuff ;) Xx!!! Happy holidays!!!!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      SO glad ur down! You know what I want from you…. :)

  2. Nicole I love this idea!! Count me in! I know you would appreciate what we give you!! Ok, I may send you an email with some options because I want you to really love it and use it….and I want to make sure it works for your space. Also, I would love to carry this forward with by maybe tagging 5 other bloggers to do the same? what do you think? and this way the art exchange that you began can keep moving forward.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      SURE!! Love the tagging idea! Tag away! I’ve named a few bloggers here, so all of you feel free to pay it forward and tag away!

  3. I’m obviously in. I mean, you listed me twice. Now to narrow down the options.


  4. Ok, I’m in too! Get ready for the weirdo/pop culture/totally random mixed media creations, friends! I think we need a deadline date here! When do you want the goods by? #bloggerartswap? We need a good hashtag!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Oh yay! I was hoping you would say that! AMAZING.

      I think maybe New Years? I can’t get it together fast enough for xmas…but maybe we continue this all year?

      Re: hashtag #holidayartswap #sketch42artswap or just plain old #artswap?

      what you think?

  5. In!!!!! Love the idea. Can’t wait.

  6. I like the idea, and will share that info to my friends !

  7. In!

  8. The pressure is already on for me, Nicole has given me her Art Swap already!

    Great idea BTW!


  9. This is the coolest most awesome idea I’ve seen. I agree with Design Blahg, you need a hashtag. I want to see all your art goodies. Thanks for sharing your idea!


    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Ill post em for sure! I could milk weeks of content out of this ;)

  10. Bri@meyouandawiener says:

    I have to admit I was surprised to see my name, I was like who is this Bri chick she thinks is all that and a bag of skittles? And then I clicked on my own name. That’ll teach me. Any who I’m super honored so count me in. I mean….I just got put on a list with Peter Max! Duh.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      BRI, I’m a selfish greedy pig and thats why you are on the list. Cause you make the coolest shit ever and I was drooling over the freakin wrapping of your presents, let alone your actual gifts!

      And about Peter, I did just get a signed book with a drawing so I feel greedy asking for more, but maybe Ill just send him something!

  11. dang girl! steppin’ up the bad holiday gift swap! i’m in. you may not get it until new years but you’ll get it! :) love ya.

  12. in in in!!!! lemme know what you want!!!!!!!

  13. I WANNA. but there is that whole holiday timecrunch thing. let me see if i can get it together!

    ps- can’t wait to see you, young lady! send me your dates!

  14. Sarah says:

    literally the coolest idea ever. I can see this being the new “Secret Santa,” popping up in all different professions/hobbies like an Edible Goodies swap. or fave beauty product swap….Love it.

  15. SO in…working on a little something as we speak:) xoxo