Winter Lite.


This house makes me ok with the fact that it’s cold out and getting colder. In fact, I can imagine it now: winter saturday, wake up late. Wearing sweats and those thick furry socks. Reading the paper. Hair in bun. Blankets. It’s cold in the apartment, but bright. That special winter light coming through those windows. No TV on. Alone. Quiet. It gets dark early. Stayed in PJs and didn’t go outside all day. First shower is at 6 pm before dinner. I love those Saturdays.

Who else fantasizes about being alone? Being home alone and doing nothing? Having no work? No agenda? No computer? No TV? This isn’t something I always think about (except for the fact that I know I need aloneness for chunks of time every few days) but this is what this apartment makes me feel. Its by the Swedish design and development team Alvhem Brokerage & Interiors, and its for sale. Obviously, I’m enamored with the aesthetic. That soft plaid wall, it’s fantastic.



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Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Lauren says:

    If you’re looking for a retreat, my apartment has no TV or internet connection. We can swap places for a weekend :)

  2. Michele Isabella says:

    Hello, I really enjoy reading your blog! is this your own apartment? I love your desk and the metal hanging thingy that you can put up pics on–would you know where I can buy these? I live in a really small apt and this would work perfectly! Thanks! MI


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  2. […] Winter white isn’t just for your statement coats; it’s also surprisingly cozy for your apartment. {Sketch 42} […]