The Hotness Board.


This morning I woke up and logged into pinterest like any normal woman and discovered that my friend Sasha has a board called HOTNESS. Mmmhhhhmmmm. I got sucked down a rabbit hole of gorgeous men: Fassbender. Newman. Hamm. Pitt. Nicholson. Women of the world, we deserve this break from our regular programming. Presented for your enjoyment without comment:

Paul-Newman-Model-800x10941 79c62bb35c5894380a1c2b3fb78a83fb 155a59e53461e93a0e6c8a76d2b7739d fba66590ba4205544897976f6a5be966 d9c2c041d7b30f139ac0473098cd5dca 276f0b623a12cb8c55463700ff9b2d64 15caa6b776745ce5c458e773f27cf2ca 17d49b5f716ba73898bbbb66f2d9ef4b 67d694f9583cb74b718850595966a388 5a3aeedbbbec8e66fc965afea8454d15 602da40e01a105a82ae33062f25c7dbe 660ac4f8abe303f5f968a5dd54885903 b9e5101215482d09f999e340aa0761a2 b55386abe0d4377fef3f404d379fd0ba 33f3834f11b29789ecfd9a032a11b562 a87312bb1f096eafc81ac2b425b11092 385d2ee321ff68b1331e81166d2c9051 Sam-Claflin-18

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Just a little sizzle to get you through the weekend.  And don’t feel bad, I’m sure your man follows tons of hot chicks on instagram. (Also have to say, my hub is this hot!) Now I get why people like pinterest. Ha.

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  1. harsh crop job on the pic in the middle. wonder who the chick was…

    redford. newman. so. hot.

  2. claudy says:

    ill take all of the above please

  3. Morgan says:

    I thought he looked a bit like Montgomery Cliff here. I guess that’s the look they were going after.

  4. Nicole Cohen says:

    OH I forgot to say that nowhere on my list of sexy people is ADAM LEVINE. And that Sasha had a dozen or so photos of Edward//Robert Pattinson and NO. NO thank you.

  5. Sasha says:

    I actually think Adam Levine is NOT good looking at all. He does absolutely nothing for me at all. I don’t even like his voice and his demeanor. Yuck-o!!!!