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A half hour out of the city this is happening:

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That was out my window on the drive this sunday to Storm King– a 500 acre sculpture museum in the Hudson Valley – on Sunday. Even the strip malls are beautiful this time of year. This is what you do at Storm King: walk around, look at giant sculptures, lay in the grass, let your kids run around while you let the sun warm your face. That’s it.  Everyone needs a little sun on the face every so often.


And there is just something about that New England fall…. Why is fall still interesting? I mean, I’ve experienced it comes every year, one would think it would lose some of its pull? Of course, it’s still surprising when it shows up. Is this the fifth Fall that I have blogged about? (I know readers come and go, but for those who have been around for a while, does it get boring to see bloggers do the same thing year after year and tell you about it? I mean, I was thinking the other day: how many times can I blog about apple picking? or fur blankets? or fireplaces? The seasons give structure I guess!) Autumn in New York is fantastic. It’s like the whole universe of New York culture, vibe, weather, and everything else snaps into place. The city is full of life and people. And that feeling of “Why do I live here?” goes away. In fact, I think it IS why we all live here. As glorious as fall is in the city, the Fall Foliage of the Hudson Valley is no joke. You haven’t seen fall unless you’ve seen rolling hills of color beneath perfectly painterly Bob Ross clouds.

DSCF6243 DSCF6280 DSC_8108 (1) DSC_8116 (1) DSC_8515 (1) DSC_8634 DSC_8498 DSC_8621 DSC_8454 (1) DSC_8429 DSC_8397 DSC_8620 (1) DSC_8369 DSC_8314 DSC_8150 DSC_8413 DSC_8148 DSC_8071 DSC_8559

I was just laying in this spot and point my camera in all different directions without moving. I love places that are just an excuse to be outside doing nothing. Like the Zoo. The husband watched football on his phone (!!!!) Kids jumped on Alexander Calder sculptures and collected rocks and leaves. GOOD TIMES.

Perfect way to get out of the city, see some amazing foliage, and pretend to get cultured. We stopped at a local restaurant on the way home.

Storm King’s 2013 season runs from April 3 through December 1.

1 Museum Road
New Windsor, NY 12553
(845) 534-3115
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  1. Morgan says:

    I loved New York City all year round , but especially the clear crisp early fall days. Living in Manhatten I created my own kind of picnic. Starting in the East Village, I would stop and get a beer (in a paper bag) and continue walking up the east side to the trendy east 80’s. People watching as I went along. I know some like to watch leaves or football but nothing to my mind beats an early fall day walking in ‘the city’. This was in the 70’s so I don’t know if you can still have my kind of picnic anymore?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Ha! Love the beer in bag visual. You could do the walk but sans liquor!(I think!)

  2. Storm King has been on my to do list for literally YEARS! I really need to make it there this year! Thanks for reminding me ;)

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Me too! I have a whole list of things, and Im barreling through!

  3. Lauren says:

    You should check this out: I’ve been meaning to go before it gets cold. It’s not too far from the city & you’ll probably get some nice photos of the view. :)

  4. Atara says:

    Beautiful pictures- you should also check out Wave Hill in Riverdale if you haven’t been yet, 20 minutes front the city and feels like such an escape I grew up down the block and used to go every Sunday as a kid for their art projects…

  5. I love these outdoor sculpture gardens…in the outskirts of Boston there is a fabulous one called DeCordova Museum…so good….we do exactly the same thing.


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