Pure Imagination.


Its…a…little…dusty…in…here…SNIFF SNIFF. Have you seen this yet? It’s an ad for an Chipotle. (It’s actually an ad for their app which supposedly promotes sustainable farming.) They are trying to start a dialogue about how we use food in this country and doing it with a very emotionally persuasive film, aren’t they?  This week there was this gorgeous Harvest Moon and my husband and I were talking about it and how so many things have passed out of the average person’s realm of consciousness. I went riding that day and I was thinking about how horsemanship used to be a part of every day life- for everybody! And now its just not. Did you guys see the episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey where they went to Arizona and had to pick the horses hoofs as an emotional/therapy/bonding challenge? (BTW, Isn’t Joe Guidice getting such a sympathetic edit this season?!) Well A, that’s not as easy as it looks. It’s hard -the horse can put its weight on you and you really break into a sweat if you are standing there long enough. I know because I did it this week.  And B, I really do think that caring for and interacting with animals makes life so much richer. High schools should have farms attached to them where the kids learn to care for the animals and grow food. I’ll tell ya this much: you have to put your cell phone down to do it. (I know that some don’t even have funding for art, gym or music…but in an ideal world!)

Anyway I told my husband about the commercial. Then I told my mom about it. Then I mentioned it to a third person, so I obviously couldn’t shake it. It was created by Academy Award-winning Moonbot Studios, the film is called  “The Scarecrow”  and features a straw hat wearing scarecrow rebelling against his job in big agriculture to start his own farm stand. It’s set in a “dystopian fantasy world,” and aims to address the real world subject of food production.

It features Fiona Apple’s absolutely fantastic cover of “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka (the real one!) which you can now download on iTunes. The ad was viewed over 5.5 million times in the last week.

You can read the story behind its creation HERE. 


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  1. Bri@meyouandawiener says:

    Wow that was a great mini film. I will definitely have to shows this to my son. I’m probably the only putz that teared up when I saw the cow and chicken. It’s so sad. My parents were migrant workers while I was growing up. They worked for small family owned farms picking bell pepper,cucumber, strawberries, jalapeños etc. Often times they would bring me along,and I would sit in the field and wait for what seemed like EVER. I’d like to think my mother brought me along to see how hard it was to work for your food. And to never take food for granted. My favorite was this small strawberry farm in Louisiana when I was 7. We had a great relationship with the farmers. They treated our entire family like their own. Sadly some of these small family owned farms no longer exist. However we recently visited the Louisiana strawberry farm and it is still running, even after Katrina flooded their fields! It was great to be back on the land my family helped build.

    Btw I saw that episode too. I thought Melissa’s attitude was so shitty during this exercise.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      No way, I totally choked up when the cow gave me sad eyes. And by the time he picked the pepper I was totally holdin gback tears.

      What an amazing story Bri, it must have been such an interesting childhood. So sad that some of the farms are no longer there, or family owned.

      And yes Melissa was a brat during that scene!

  2. Amz says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m not sure I would have heard of it otherwise, it honestly made me tear up too, I want to share this with everyone. It’s so thought provoking.

  3. I run the school garden at our kids school in Orange County. We’ve created an outdoor classroom for the kids to learn where their food comes from. Out of the 25+ teachers, a total of 6 signed up to participate. That’s it. It makes me so sad. People around here really don’t care. I do and intend to educate as many kids as I can this year! Thank for posting this.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Oh man, that’s really sad. Keep fighting the good fight!

  4. loved it