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Today I’m loving Casa de Vidro, the former home of architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992) and her husband Pietro Maria Bardi. She was highly regarded as one of São Paulo’s most influential architects, and this, her home, was a her legacy. Built in 1951, the glass walled house floats above the rainforest, while also appearing to be part of it. In the house, there are zones for different functions- a dining room, a library, and a sitting area around the freestanding fireplace- but the glass walls and surrounding forest unify them. Technically the glass panels do slide open, but there is no balcony to step out onto. Most recently, the house was open to an exhibition this spring, in which people were allowed inside ten at a time. The place is truly stunning. The leather chairs around the coffee table in that corner are just so glorious, I had to post every picture I found of them. I love seeing fully preserved spaces.


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Photos via Architectuul.

I’m in Connecticut for the weekend and I’m hoping to finally make it to Phillip Johnson’s Glass House.

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  1. Morgan says:

    Beautiful yes, practical for comfortable living … not so much. I love design, but in occupied architectural structures the form should follow function. All I notice is glass that needs constant maintenance and cleaning both interior and exterior, no screens making easy access for bugs, and other rainforest fauna, constant and expensive upkeep especially to building materials exposed to the rainforest. No not for me.

    • James says:

      In my opinion the house looks dated but it was a great accomplishment at that time, to be encompassed in a green environment such as the rain forest and feel that there is no separation from your surroundings is one incredible feeling. To worry about the cleaning costs and practicality is not in the realm of reality when it comes to good design, that argument can be made for any luxury item, from cars to clothes….”I don’t want to buy it” because it needs dry cleaning or the maintenance on the Jaguar is too expense. I work in the extreme high end residential construction market, and when my clients commit to buying the DESIGN, it is completely out of love for the design not the practical side of things, you don’t build this style of house if you can’t afford the upkeep.

  2. I love the glass. I lived in a glass heavy home by Suyama for a spell – the glass was no more upkeep than a traditional home.

    Is that a drain in the center of the floor?

  3. Thanks to share these photos. These all glass homes are really looking awesome.