summer shandy

I should stop pretending Foodie Friday has anything to do with food. Its all about the drinks! BBQ season is upon us, along with copious beer drinking. To quote one friend: “I LOVE BEER.”  Who doesn’t? I particularly like the summer ales and light beers like Blue Moon. The first time I ever had a Shandy was years ago on vacation in Ibiza- but instead of the typical recipe, they were mixing one part beer, one part orange FANTA! You can actually see my body loose all definition throughout the course of the vacation in the pictures. The typical version of a shandy is basically one part lemonade, one part beer. It’s the Arnold Palmer of alcoholic beverages. Its light and refreshing and DELISH.

summer shandy


You can make your own lemonade first. Supposedly the secret to perfect lemonade is the ratio of
1 cup lemon juice
1 cup sugar (or less if you prefer)
1 cup water

and then heating the cup of sugar and water until it dissolves into a simple syrup. That way the sugar doesn’t fall to the bottom of the pitcher.

After the sugar is dissolved add your lemon juice and cold water- 3/4 cups to taste.


The ratio is 1:1 and you can use anything from soda, to Limonata, to ginger ale, to lemonade. I think Fresca would probably be awesome.

Have a fab weekend everyone! This is my favorite weekend of the year!

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  1. LOVE a good shandy- and Sam’s Summer is definitely a wise choice for the beer. But i have to disagree on the recipe for lemonade- the secret is to use powdered sugar instead!!! Then put a lid on it and shake the living daylights out of it.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      AHA!!!! I like that better! Easier than taking out a pot!


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