Tangier, the city on the most northern tip of Morocco, sits on the Strait of Gibraltar, the narrow passage between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Only a half hour by ferry is Spain, and a two hour flight would land you in Paris. The city was founded at around 500 BC at the dawn of our modern civilizations. It’s been tossed back and forth between empires for centuries, and has always been an international town, especially during the 40s and 50s when it was literally an “international zone” and millionaires, crooks and artists alike came to revel in its glory. The Beat writers William S. BurroughsAllen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, Gore Vidal, Tennessee Williams, Degas and Matisse all spent extended periods of time there. Today, its still home to a group of french and british ex pats, artists, travelers and tourists from all walks of life. They say being in Tangier is like being several countries at once, as well as several centuries.


I’m sure you might have seen the gorgeous home of Roger Vivier Designer Bruno Frisoni, but I couldn’t resist posting it anyway. He and his partner Hervé Van der Straeten designed the place over a few years. With pieces collected from all over the world, as well as commissioned in town, “everything is made of accidents,” Frisoni says. I particularly love the accident of the marble floors… They were laid at a time when marble was so precious every piece would be used. They laid the larger slabs in the middle of the rooms and then jig sawed the rest of the pieces in around it. The floors were honed to a perfectly worn patina, so that they feel as though they have always been there.








Check out the article in VOGUE for more photos and details.

This REALLY makes me wanderlust for Morocco.

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  1. Wow their light fixtures are amazing.