FOODIE FRIDAY: Sangria Tastes like Summer.

summer sangria

It’s officially SUMMER 2013! To celebrate, let’s have drinks by the pool… I’ve already told you all about Julibox, the cocktail of the month club that my hubs and I are obsessed with. This month they sent us a liquor I’ve never heard of called Esprit de JUNE. It’s literally a liquor made from certain wine grape blossoms that bloom only a few days a year in June. Uh huh. (Side note: You can also use St Germaine for this drink instead of the Esprit de June. Much easier to find and has the same effect.)

The cocktail that you are seeing here is a “Sangria Parisienne” a blend of Kettle One Oranje, Sauvignon Blanc and muddled orange and lemon slices. They should call this thing ambrosia because it was literally the nectar of the gods. I love being introduced to all these funky liquors we never would have ever heard of. We normally make our very delicious sangria with wine, all the fruit in the house, and SPRITE! ( Wine, 1 cup Sprite , apples, nectarines, peaches, grapes, oranges, blueberries, and ice, in case you were wondering.)

summer sangria

So here is what you do:

Place 3 slices of lemon and three slices of orange in the bottom of a shaker

Add 2 tsp of sugar and muddle with the fruit

Mix 3/4 oz Esprit de June, 3/4 oz Kettle One Oranje and 3 oz of Sauvignon Blanc in a shaker, add ice, shake.

Pour over cracked ice and garnish

Enjoy it while you dip your toes into a cool pool and a sweet breeze carrying the scent of freshly cut grass lightly kisses your face with its summertime caresses. The sun warms you from above and the drink warms and cools you from within. Suddenly, you are seventeen again. The day is thick with opportunity and the parties are all lined up. You are excited and sated, knowing that as the sun slowly sets and blades of grass glow that everything is before you and behind you and maybe just maybe life couldn’t get better than this. It’s a special thing, to actually think that aloud in your head. Like you might not even dare think it normally, but under these circumstances, who could blame you.

It’s glorious. Happy Weekend everyone!


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  1. Gorgeous photos. I want to sip one of these cocktails by the pool right now. It’s almost 100 here in Houston already!