DIY: Leather & Lucite Tray.



Hey guys!
Today I’m excited to finally unveil one of 3 DIY’s that I created in a sponsorship with Apothic Wines, a California based wine maker that is known for their signature blends. The DIY’s range in complexity, but we figured we would start with the simplest and work our way up! They are all things you can make at home, and that relate to entertaining and wine culture. The first one is a lucite tray with leather handles.  Lucite is one of my favorite materials to play with: its elegant in its simplicity while also being very modern. Because lucite is basically plastic, I love to combine it with natural textures: brass, grasscloth, cowhide, natural stones and of course- leather. Here I used red leather and brass screws to finish off a lucite tray for easy sophistication. A few years ago I was making tons of lucite trays and in fact I still get requests to make them, but I don’t think the money I made equaled to the costs of the cabs to go get the supplies! No worries, with this DIY, you can get the look of a high end lucite tray (they sell for hundreds in Barney’s) for just what it costs to get the tray and a few scraps of leather. The leather pull style handle was inspired by Morgan’s leather cabinet pulls HERE, which are brilliant. The whole trick to this is finding a leather that is thick and hard. That’s the only thing you have to know. Beyond that, its all easy. And you’ll see, drilling through lucite is easy as pie.
DSC_8385 copy
Lucite Tray
Stiff leather
A small handheld drill
2 screws and nuts
Blue Tape
Tape measure


1. Measure the width of the tray and figure out where you want to put your handles. I use blue tape to cover the spot and then mark that spot with a pen.

lucite leather tray

2. Using  a small drill, drill a hole into the lucite. This sounds scary, but I used my basic handheld small drill and it works perfectly. Use slight pressure to drive the drill through the lucite.
3. Measure and cut two thick pieces of leather.
DSC_2652 copy
4. You can use a leather hole puncher to punch the holes in the leather where the screw should go, but I left mine at my studio so i just used my scissor to make a small x like hole.
5. I used a match to finish off the edges of the leather. This is optional.
6. Screw in handles, and viola!


 Check out Apothic’s facebook page for more DIY ideas HERE.  And stay tuned for projects 2 & 3! They are really fun and I’ve been waiting to post them for weeks!


*This post was sponsored by Apothic Wines, all content and opinions are my own.


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  1. This is so cute! I might have to try this soon!

  2. love a girl that can use a drill!!!!

  3. Where did you purchase the lucite tray?? Love this post

  4. mmish says:

    So easy, such a good gift idea!

  5. I love this tray!! Fab, fab!! Where did you get this tray? its the perfect size!

  6. Hi. I saw that you used a match to finish off the edges- any advice on how to do this or is it as simple as it sounds.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Simple as it sounds. Just make sure you dont burn yourself down. I just lightly touched the edges to a flame.