Shop Talk: Matter Matters.

A few weeks ago I was downtown with Cookie and we decided to pop in to Matter. Matter is a New York City based gallery, showroom, and manufacturer, representing a refined selection of national and international contemporary design. The brand is revered as a resource for detecting what lies beyond the horizon in the realm of design. Architects and interior designers around the world look to Matter to take the temperature of the current state of design and look for inspiration.  Matter is basically what I am calling an “art-furniture” shop.  They sell furniture, that is also art. This is kind of a lead in from yesterday’s post, because I feel like the two have a very comparable aesthetic. Incredibly fresh sculptural pieces pervade, white walls provide gallery like settings, raw woods ground the spaces, and saturated primary colors in single palate pieces add bold playfulness. I got a ton of ideas just from being in the store. Not to mention, the wall hangings, arrows, lucite sculpture… all things I’ve written about loving before. (Did you know I had to endure a full body pat down on the way home from Arizona because I tried to bring an arrow on an airplane? Is it really a weapon without the bow? I didn’t think so, but they did. How many times a day do you think they take away arrows at the Pheonix Airport? 3? 10? Bummer.) While both today’s post and yesterday’s might not be in line with everyone’s taste – too modern, too cool for the more traditional among us, I DO think that every type of home can benefit from artful and playful pieces of furniture. Just one piece of art-furniture can elevate an entire room.

You can shop online HERE, or visit the store.

(TEL) 212 343 2600
(FAX) 212 343 2610



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  1. I think I need those black chairs in the second shot- love, love.

  2. Wow so many amazing things and a great place to get inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This store is the most amazing!!

  4. cola says:

    WOW! Really I have not been to it yet!! I will some day!