Put it on a pedestal.

I might be losing it. The other day I popped in at cb2 for my bimonthly stroll around. I bought two little picture frames for all the film I’ve been printing, and then boom, I was inspired by a garbage can. A smoked lucite garbage can. That would make a fabulous pedestal, I thought. Elevate things and they become art. That’s a real thing. Frame art and it becomes important. Raise things up and then they are up. Right? Problem is, I didnt have anything in  mind when I purchased said garbage can. I originally intended to have it sit vertically, and put something big on top. But when I got home, I didn’t have anything that looked right. So I sat it on its side, and put a branch that Cookie and I painted a year ago on top of it. The branch is pretty cool, I had it in the kids playroom as a “decorative object”. I love the idea of this. The smoked lucite cube looks so cube-y, you cant even tell that one side is missing. Even when staring right at it. And sometimes the light shines through it and thats pretty too. (Also considering putting something funky inside.) I’m still tweaking this.  I’ll probably buy or make a sculpture for it. Will sculpture be my next adventure?

And last, it was sort of inspired by this present that JoJo made at school for me for Mother’s Day. It’s a “Bronzed Shoe” flower pot. I LOVE it. I mounted it on a block of lucite that I had and engraved the lucite with his name and the year. I think this is one of the cutest things I’ve ever gotten back from school, and he’s only two and goes only two mornings a week. Adorable. Moms, I would totally do this at home if I didn’t already have one. The little dude is a Navajo Kachina doll that I picked up in Arizona. An ear broke off. I love these little Kachina dolls. Natural Curiosities makes a Kachina doll drawing prints that are beautiful, HERE. I almost bought a set of them once, before I realized I had no room for them. I love these for a playroom or little boys room, hallway, or anywhere that needs a group of prints. So awesome.

SO, I’m still working on the garbage can turned pedestal idea. But mostly, I just need to find or make something big and awesome enough to sit on top.

Happy Wednesday folks!

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  1. Very cute, love the bronzed shoe.