PSA: New Jersey Vintage.

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Things I saw in NJ antique stores that need your attention:


1. These table and chairs set was only $600. Each CHAIR sells for $1500 online. So someone go buy this. NOW.

Asbury Antique Emporium 646 Cookman Ave  Asbury Park, NJ 07712 (732) 774-82

DSC_8310 2. Can we talk about this probably Milo Baughman Z chair frame that’s $95 dollars. Yes we can.

Shore Antique Center. 413 Allen Ave  Allenhurst, NJ 07711 (732) 531-4466


3. I’m iffy on the rattan rocker. I am. But it was $40. Also Shore Antique Center.


4. And at Home Goods, this wicker bike. You guys need this. Reminiscent of the rattan motorcycle at the ASH pop up shop that I posted about. But only $200.


5. And, last, what I actually bought. That brass octagon pedestal. I’m obviously obsessed with pedestals. I put my Shona sculpture on top. I’m still not sure where it belongs in the apartment. But I like it there for now.

Ok, so why should you listen to me? My eyeballs have much wisdom. I’ve rescued countless of worthy things from antique piles as well as garbage heaps. With the last confirmation of my awesome eyeballs coming last night. Last night, while perusing 1st Dibs, I found THIS.


The exact same mirror I found for $225 in NJ, that a reader went and BOUGHT after I posted it… look there it is in her house, see the first post about it HERE and then HERE, is on 1st dibs for $3500 HERE. So my eyeballs are gold. I’m so kind of pissed I didnt buy this thing.

Why can I never find what I’m looking for, and always what I cant possibly use?

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  1. Great post and some great finds. That mirror is pretty awesome.

  2. lemme survive this move and then we go to NJ to furnish my teensy apt.

  3. That mirror was such a good find and you boosted my confidence about a similar one I just purchased. You are the the vintage whisperer.

  4. Bri@meyouandawiener says:

    That is an awesome mirror surprise you didn’t buy it. Although it looks great in her home. I think it was meant for her. Court needs to start buying up some of this stuff!

    • agreed!!! there is VERY LITTLE space to be had at this apartment so I’m gonna need help editing OUT my hollywood regency stuff.