House Tour: The Young, hip & modern.


A few months ago, one of my favorite design chat buddies and his wife invited me over to their new place because he was selling a slightly damaged version of the Slim Aarons photo above… I wrote about it HERE.  I absolutely loved the direction they were going in with their place and they promised me that when they got all their furniture in, I would totally be welcome to come shoot it for the blog, and I was super excited about it! My friends are a young, fun and hip couple and this is their first place together.  But here’s the kicker, early on in their relationship they started gifting each other with art as birthday and anniversary gifts, I think they even got their parents in on the action too. (For my birthday you can get me this, this or this!) Obviously, I love this idea. Plus, as they explain, they did have empty walls. The first piece they bought together was the Slim Aaron’s print Poolside Gossip. While strolling through Soho one afternoon, they saw it and fell in love. It was everything they wanted and helped set the vibe for the apartment. The couple was going for a sort of updated 70’s. I think they definitely got that down: The sectional, shag, vintage Platner chairs, wood tones and of course the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree set the tone for a 70s vibe, but because it was done delicately the space feels open, clean and fresh. Young, just like they are. (Oh gosh, I randomly just feel old now for no reason.) So let’s take a little tour…


One of their favorite purchases were a pair of vintage Platner chairs which they had recovered. They are classic and are a lifetime buy. They know they will go with them to their next home, they said.The chairs sit on top of a West Elm Ben Ourian inspired rug. People, this rug is really nice looking, it’s a good buy.

The print and plant are a perfect design duo.


In the dining room, the focal point is a piece by Xylor Jane, an artist who literally “Paints by number.”


Look at the piece, embedded into the colorful pattern of dots are gray numbers, like an optical illusion, all of which mean something.

xylor jane

In the bar area, which is a dresser and bookcase that they combined for hidden storage with an open area thats easy to serve off of, is a collection of bar-stuffs and small objects as well as a Frank Stella print that they bought for their anniversary. (Amazing.)

DSCF5248 (1)

They bought a lucite football box from The Container Store for their $.99 collection of limited edition Target Warhol Cambell’s cans…and they actually were the ones who gave me the one yellow can I couldn’t find. I have mine in my kitchen.


The “Reserved’ table sign from is from one of their favorite restaurants, and I think  next to the neon Alexandra Von Furstenberg  neon tray its just so fun and playful. It made me smile.


What you cant actually tell from these photos is that the walls in the living room are a beautiful high gloss cream, lacquer almost… The bedroom is wallpapered in a bold faux paneling wallpaper.


They filled an awkward wall with a tall slim canvas and a simple “Supreme” Sticker. Ha. I really really love it. Simple and awesome. Sticker on a canvas as art. Embrace it, its time has come.


Above the dresser, on that wood paneled wall paper, Murakami prints are a nod to the 70’s and make the room instantly happy.


A lucite and shag stool, fresh daisies, along with childhood photos of the couple are a delight on the nightstand.


My favorite Arterior’s lamps flank the bed.

wood panel wall paper

The bed faces wall to ceiling windows over looking the city.

Woe unto me for taking such shoddy pictures of it, but I couldn’t resist posting another art piece that the couple made themselves. It’s a canvas frame wrapped in yarn and it hangs in their bathroom, and both the color and the yarn are a nod to the 70s, not to mention, its just cool.


young and modern

This is another great little take away idea. I LOVE the idea of this over a headboard maybe? In a hallway… even over a sofa if you need to cover a large surface with something bright and/or your room needs texture…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the tour! I had to shoot it in the perpetual doom that has engulfed our weekdays here in NYC…. its usually spectacularly light filled.

mint green door

And oh yea, the freshly painted mint green door let’s me know that the mint green door trend I prayed for HERE might actually happen!


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  1. Gorgeous! Also, gorgeous…your new blog layout!

  2. mmish says:

    I am so in love with the vibe thats going on here! Warm, cool sophisticated and LOVE the artwork. And who makes their own yarn art?! too cool

  3. I love the Slim Aarons print and planter chairs! The “reserved” and lucite tray are fantastic touches! A fun place or a fun couple!

  4. shannon says:

    Love this space! Did the Slim Aarons photo sell?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Yes, it was damaged so they sold it and bought a new one.

  5. This is what you were shooting last Friday!! I love it!! I always think art is the ebst gift ever!! Love all of their pieces and your photos are awesome!

  6. Anna says:

    Really nice coffee table, you wouldn’t happen to know where its from?


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