Foodie Friday: Inside Chobani Soho.



I know its Saturday, I’m late with the post. Too bad.

I’ve previously been something of a bah humbug about the Chobani store. I’m more of a Fage girl myself, and why would I need or want to go to a Chobani store? I think I kind of disapproved of Chobani’s popularity when I KNOW that Fage is the better yogurt. Like I was offended on the part of Fage. And anyway, what the heck could they possibly have there? Well, a few weeks ago I was in Soho with  my friend Caroline of The Nine Month Project and she wanted to go check it out. We ended up leaving with 6 yogurts between us and about ten recipe cards each.


So whats going on a Chobani Soho? Its basically just some brilliant packaging mixed with a bit of ingenuity. Freshly made greek yogurt concoctions in a beautiful corner store, in a take home glass bowl and cheesecloth packaging. The yogurts cost about $4 each, which is more than the plastic grocery store version, but also a billion times better.  I had one with grapefruit, mint and honey. Amazing. I also had one with olive oil and cucumbers (basically like a take on a tsadziki) which was great. Another one I wanted to bring home for my husband was a smoked salmon version. I decided not to bring it home because I didn’t think it would travel well. Your yogurt is made for you in a little lab like environment at the back of the store. You can eat it at the store, or take home the glass bowls. Why does TAKING HOME THE GLASS BOWLS delight the mind so? I dont know. But it does. It really really does.






DSC_6391 (1)

So do I detract previous statements that Fage is the better yogurt? Not 100 percent revoked, but the Chobani store is definitely worth a visit! They also have a great website with a million recipes. Not just plain old fashioned greek yogurt++ recipes, but how to use it in food, dressings etc… HERE.


150 Prince Street, NYC 10012
Open Sun – Thu 8AM – 9PM & Fri – Sat 8AM – 10PM
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  1. You just got me in the mood to go back, so yum!