DIY: Bri’s Tumbling Block Gold Leaf Table.


Do you guys remember Bri Morris’s awesome blog called Me, You and a Wiener Dog? The blog was hilarious, plus Bri is a genius and meticulous DIYer. Anyway, she shuttered her blog and doesn’t miss it (!!!) but we still keep in touch via instagram. I saw her process shots of this amazing piece and asked her to share it with us on Sketch42!


Here is what she did to make this bad boy:

The inspiration came from cube patterned ables she had seen on 1st Dibs. The tumbling cube pattern has been popular in design forever…

First, she made a small stencil by using tracing paper on her iPad and then transferred it onto heavy matte paper to make the stencil. She traced the design on a solid wood parsons table she already owned that she  had primed and painted white. Using a small brush she painted in the remaining squares grey and tried to give it a bit of a fading look just to give it more character and keep it from looking to perfect.Then, she  used an 18kt Krylon leafing pen on the squares and actual gold leaf around the table edging to break up the pattern a bit. She claims the squares are not perfect since she freehanded most of it while painting. Looks perfect to me.  She tried using painters tape but because of the wood grain the paint would run causing more work. She has since gone over small mistakes and straightened up some of the lines. Since she is still fixing small mistakes she has yet to seal or protect her work. However she definitely encourages this step to keep from further damaging or ruining the design.


 All in all, she claims she had some terrible headaches from this DIY but the outcome was worth it! The table is now in her sons playroom, which is a work in progress. (SOME PLAYROOM!) Of course, I coudlnt not ask about that amazing Darth Vader print. It’s courtesy of Bri’s sister Coral Couch. She is currently studying photography at The Art Institute in Nashville. The Vader pictures are something that Bri and her sister have been working on, however she’s the photographer. The idea came from Bri’s 8 yr old who is OBSESSED with Darth Vader! He would wear the Vader mask around the house in his pajamas as if normal.  In fact he recently placed his Vader mask on her mirrored pedestal…. she didn’t have the heart to move it.


You can follow Bri on instagram HERE, I hope she shares more projects with us!

Also, I just started two of my own painting projects and they feel more like a DI-WHYYYYYYY did I do this. Keep you posted!

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  1. Bri is so good. I’m so glad to still have her on the ‘gram

  2. Bri@meyouandawiener says:

    I also felt DI-WHYYYYY!!! when I started this table! It was a big pain in the ass but there was no turning back. Thanks again for letting me share Nicole!

  3. shirley says:

    love this

  4. LOVE it. Amazing bri!

  5. Angeline says:

    Love the Bri DIY, thank you for sharing! Miss your amazing-ness, Bri!

  6. Molly Marler says:

    DAMN I miss Bri!!! Seriously. This is so good. Thanks for sharing, girls! xo

  7. Kyra says:

    Going through your older posts and spotted the pair of gold chairs.