The Minimalist Round Mirror.

It’s come to my attention that you folks like when I blog about interior design. I know most of you signed on for a design blog, but I gotta go where the inspiration takes me. Life is a journey, not a destination? When you aren’t actively involved in a design project, your head doesn’t always go there. Last week I wrote about how I – and a lot of other people- are trying to meld downsize our look and meld the minimalist aesthetic with our love of stuff. Well, I’ve been making small and very effective changes. One of which was changing up the shagreen starburst mirror for this clean as can be infinity mirror. I just freakin love looking at it. No bullshit. Just a mirror. From this angle the house looks WAY more bare than it actually is. I’m only showing snippets because I’m building up to a big cheesy reveal… if I ever get to reveal levels of change. I’m calling it a make-under. Here are some of my favorite examples of the simple infinity mirror. (Except for the black and white one by Kelly Wearstler that is decorative.)

The mirror I bought is from Cb2 HERE. I really feel good about it. It was on a cork wall in the store and it looked SO MUCH WORSE there than it does by me. It was only $99, so yea, pretty, pretty preettttty good (Cue Larry David voice). They also have a brass one, which Im sure you will all go nuts for HERE. One day I just woke up and thought, TODAY IM GOING TO CHANGE THE MIRROR. It was like, the first thing I ran to do that morning. I took home both of those and just loved the white one. But yea, the gold was hot too. And that last picture you’re seeing? Two days ago I was with Emily Johnston walking around on the lower east side and we spotted this round oxidized mirror. LOVE it. I need to retrace my steps to find it because I have no idea what the store was called. Or recreate it, eh? Oh and I’m willing to sell my shagreen starburst. Check out the “Before” HERE.

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  1. Love all of these, now I need a round mirror!

  2. Beatrice says:


    I saw the mirror in the last picture at the Vitra House in Weil am Rhein, Germany and it has been on my wishlist since. Do you want to have the references?


  3. Hi Nicole,

    I think the last shot is of the Francis mirror by Constance Guisset. The rainbow ‘oxidation’ is actually a scanned watercolor that is printed on transparent film and slipped between the glass and the reflective portion of the mirror. Pretty cool :).

  4. I’m a sucker for anything shagreen. How much for the old mirror?


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