Family Portraits.

On Sunday, my family went back to the Queen’s County Farm. I love that place. (I’ve written about the farm, HERE, and just FYI, next weekend is another carnival weekend, but May 5 is the Spring celebration when they shear the sheep, its really AWESOME. Visit their site HERE. ) Instead of just going with the hubs and kids, my siblings (minus one) and mom met us and I tricked them into letting me take pictures of them. Hehehehe… I’m the eldest of 5, the youngest of which is almost 16. They are each beautiful in their own unique middle eastern way, and all single ;) except for my momma, as seen below with the crazy curls. Sometimes I think there is no photo more interesting than a portrait, even if the portrait is just a hint of the human touch, not actual faces.  And I love taking photos of my kids, but it sure is nice to take a photo of a grown up once in a while! We had a lot of fun with it!



There was also a carnival on the farm that day….

I have the same hair as this alpaca! No joke! And no, I didnt CUT those short pieces, they are what happened to my hair after having JOJO. Its a horrible picture, but I just had to show you me and my new hair twin. Sometimes I think its a practical joke and David cut it one night while I was sleeping.


Love monkeys.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend.  My heart goes out to those touched by the horrors yesterday. It’s getting to be almost to much to bear.


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  1. gorgeous family!!

  2. Marielle says:

    everyone looks awesome!!! wish i was there! the last picture melts my heart away

  3. Marielle says:

    p.s. the alpaca is you in that pic! hahahhahahahahhaa i am dying !

  4. beautiful pictures! the same thing happens to my hair after I have babies…it’s so weird!!

  5. Beautiful photos and beautiful family.

  6. absolutely gorgeous!!

  7. claudy says:

    beautiful shots