DIY: Faux Clay Malachite

Last week Jenny posted a round up of some of her favorite faux malachite DIY’s HERE. Most of them were paint based, and it got me thinking- HEY, I can do that! And quickly too. Most of them were paint based DIY’s but I wanted to use one of my favorite materials- polymer clay aka SCULPEY. This is so easy, its literally child’s play.

Basically, start out with a few logs of different color greens, blacks white and a brown.

Roll them into a tube. I kept twisting and folding the clay until it became nice and nuanced. I added more black as time went on.

Twist , fold and roll back together.

Eventually you’ll make a single long tube that you are happy with, color wise. Then you can just cut it up and make some bracelets, napkin rings, whatever you want.

Bake on 225 for ten minutes!

And there you have it! I only made one napkin ring for the purpose of this tutorial, but I’m thinking I could make something really cool, like a sculpture… wouldnt that be fab?

Also, Jenny has her malachite desk tutorial up today, check it out HERE! 

And thank you all for the birthday wishes! I had a fabulous weekend, I’ll share photos tomorrow!

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  1. Marielle says:

    so creative n cool! love

  2. I love the marble like finish. I could play with clay all day long…. i might go do some now. Thanks for the inspiration.


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