The Modern Eclectic: Room Inspo.

I feel like a lot of us are trying to reconcile our maximalist Hollywood Regency urges of 4 years ago, with our desire for clean and simple modernity in 2013. At least I am. All of these rooms kind of do that for me. And this is kind of where I am taking my apartment these days… things are looking very fresh up at my house, still not fully done, but my mom said it looked to spare, which is just what I was going for. The thing about having a cleaner look, is that things actually need to be cleaner. The little piles of clutter and extra vases I have everywhere really kill the look, so I’m working on that. I’m almost there!

All of these rooms have something really simple about them, are largely neutral, dont look overly decorated or overly colorful. Each has something I love about it. In this last one, I really like the collection of art against the window there. It’s a lot, but its keeping the room modern for me. What do you think?

Photos via Arch Digest and Elle Decor.  Homes of Waldo Fernendez, Stephano Pilati, Jamie Drake, Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts, David Jimenez.

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  1. I am feeling SO the same way but I just have so many chochskies…hard to pare it all down. LOVE the fireplace in the first one and that leaning window art- gorgeous!

  2. Bri@meyouandawiener says:

    I’ve been doing the same. One morning I jus started removing shit off the counters and throwing stuff in donations piles. Not sure if it’s a phase for me at this point but it had to go. Not to mention less dusting. The thing I like about these rooms is they still feel lived in and comfortable, not too precious. Which is what I’m trying to achieve in my house. I don’t like to take myself too serious.

  3. yep. agree. space #2 is doing it for me. those white walls with the black wainscoting and the trim…so modern and so timeless. plus the rug is still the best looking rug in the universe. the last pic is good too.
    the rug relaxes all that traditional stuff right the fuck down. aces.

  4. Lawny Z says:

    You hit the nail on the head!! This is exactly what I am doing. Channeling some Alexander Wang & Tom Ford with a splash of Nate Berkus. Okay, maybe a dash of KW too ;)

  5. Love that aluminum piece by Rudolph Stingel in the second to last room.

  6. ooops… that was Rudolf.