Sketch42 Splatter Paint Supergas.

I made these splatter paint Supergas for an entire little family! A friend of mine loved my Splatter painted Tom’s and asked if I could make some for her and her kids…. The results were so cute, I had to share. I need to make some updated pairs for myself and my kids! And I just cant wait to see this family rocking em out… To DIY your own, basically just stuff the inside of the shoe with newspaper (this is important- dont forget!) and then use a soft bodied acrylic paint to splatter them over a drop cloth or newspaper. Have fun, there is no way to screw this up!


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  1. I am a big fan of Superga (since I’m italian, and they are in fashion since the 70s!) I loved your Toms and love these. I have a pair that are worn out and will make these.
    (and I featured your toms in my favorites last summer, too!
    xox, d.

  2. What a great idea, I love it.

  3. Hi, I just love this post and your photos and art! I featured this post on my blog.