Le Sneak.

I’m always so torn. Sneak peaks or big reveals? Keep you appraised on what’s happening here? Or shock you all at once…. On one hand, once you post something, people copy it, pin it and it’s old news within a few weeks (at least within the design blogging world). On the other hand, this was at one point a design blog and what am I doing here if not sharing ideas? So I decided to show you my new piece. You may recall that I’ve wanted to do this for a while. A monochromatic canvas that is. I was all geared up to do one myself, when I met Tom from Crow Philosophy who makes these trapezoidal wood things.  Obviously, they were exactly what I was envisioning. And so I commissioned one. It’s still not hung correctly (it’s on the old hooks, and I need to put up new ones.) But you get the picture. Color blocks are literally the only things I want to make. Needless to say, my mom was like, why and what is that?!?

7 House by Crow Philosophy HERE.

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  1. mmish says:

    Um…Hello white sexy fresh glossy walls!!! Love it and obsessed with the simplicity and statement of a monochromatic piece.

  2. badass. im coming over to gawk in person.

  3. looks awesome. i want one.

  4. Jamee says:

    I knew I liked you! I pulled this up yesterday and about died. I made one similar to this, right down to the same color of blue for our living room a few years ago! Love it! It looks great in your home.

  5. Emily says:

    Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly get any cooler…

  6. I love it!! ANd I can see it with other color blocked pieces nearby? in smaller sizes? ANd the fact that its wood…makes it even yummier…cool indeed! You never seize to amaze me!

  7. Amazing, it looks fab!