Hola Folks… Flower crown napkin rings? What is this chick talking about? WELL, I was asked if I would DIY napkin rings for my friend Kim Kushner’s charity cooking event to celebrate her new book The Modern Menu (expect a recipe on Foodie Friday!)… I said yes. Normally, I go for simple. Simplicity, unfussiness, and ease are my requirements for most DIYs. But since I was listed as having made “custom napkin rings” on all the paperwork for the event, I felt I had to actually perform. (Dance blogger girl! Dance!) I couldnt just tie a beautiful ribbon and call it a day? Well, maybe. In my head, and at M&J, I went through at least 10-15 options. I actually made 30 faux malachite clay rings(I’ll show them to you later, but they werent enough of a stand alone item.) and then decided against them. Then I came up with the “flower crown” idea, also known as a wreath. I really wanted to do all fresh flowers and herbs, but since I was making 80 of them and I’m no florist, that really wasnt an option…. so I took home some rosettes by the yard from M&J, got some filler flowers from the bodega, as well as some lavender, lilac and fresh herbs. And away we go….

You need about 5-6″ of ribbon each. You can use a paper towel holder as a guide when making them. Then I used a basic glue gun and got to it. You can ask your florist which flowers will stay together the longest without wilting, but generally just go for things that dry rather than wilt.

I added little snippets of flowers here and there, the branchy qualities gave it an ethereal look.

Of course, because I was using fresh flowers, I had to wait until as late as possible to glue on the last of the flowers. Obviously, I was making 80 of them, but if you are only making a few for a party, you can get as creative as you want, and add as much of the fresh stuff as you could possibly want. OR make them totally fake so that you can use them again and again. Here’s a tester shot in my apartment:

I knew the tablecloths would be burlap, and that it was a cooking event, so I wanted to give the table a fresh springy vibe. Plus it was an all women’s event so I could go as feminine as I wanted (not typical for me, but fun!) I think this could be done so beautifully for a holiday meal: Passover, Easter, even Mother’s day. Let’s be honest here: I’m a 30 year old New Yorker with two kids. The opportunities for me to wear flower crowns are few and far between! But I can still make use of the technology ;) Uh-huh.

Take the idea, make it your own, put it through the blender that is your own creativity. That’s how things happen! Here are some photos taken at the actual event, provided by my friend Shirley Serure. You can see they are each a bit different, but that’s part of the charm.

I hope you enjoy! Thanks to Kim  and the committee for having me, even in this small way!


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  1. Marielle says:

    gorgeous!!! so elegant !

  2. Ok these are too cute! LOVE.

  3. Lauren says:

    This is a great idea, especially for Spring.