Another one bites the dust.

Another vintage rescued chair destroyed by my children. Someone should start a tumblr that just posts nice things that kids have destroyed. Or even more specific, kid scribbles on walls and furniture. I see it as the next hottest instagram account!

But just one thing…. I dont actually hate it hate it. When Cookie saw it, she said, “Oh, did JoJo do that?” I said, yea, why? She said “Because it’s awesome.”  I guess my kids have inherited my ability to scribble on things, as well as my appreciation of awesome. DELIGHTFUL* So now that its in must be reupholstered mode, maybe, just maybe, I should add to the scribbles and make it look intentional?  Would that be crazy cool, or crazy crazy?


*not so delightful.

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  1. I actually like this! Scribble more. On all the stripey parts. Refer to the last home featured in the March Lonny mag.

  2. Shannon says:

    I would like it better without the scribbles…however, I think if you added some you could make it work. Sort of an ’80s vibe. I think you should go with it.

  3. I think it’s perfect as is. Soon enough those scribblers will be all grown up and you will have this as a memento forever. Trust me. I think the only other embellishment it needs is a JoJo signature in red Sharpie.

  4. mmish says:

    i literally gasped when i saw this…hide the markers!

  5. If you’re going to reupholster anyway, might as well try to make the scribbles work, right?
    Only one concern: your kids might think it’s okay to draw on furniture, and you may have more of this problem in your future…(this is why I have not let me kids doodle a chair–it sets precedent. But maybe I’m just too uptight!)

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Yea I agree… I definitely don’t want them(really just him, because she knows better) to think that it was ok. And I did try to punish him to get the point across. Fingers crossed!

  6. Sophie says:

    Hmmm … this feels a little too Kelly Bensimon style of decorating for me. Just sayin’

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      LOL. That’s really funny. Her style is very random but it’s not the worst we’ve seen from a housewife!

  7. Rachel says:

    That boy has got a future, but till then keep the art supplies hidden. The chair looks a lot better than my white cabinets did after my son got to them with a marker :)

  8. Too late :) It’s even a book already!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Haha, I love the concept! The blog could be executed a little bit better though. But thats awesome!

  9. I think its très chic! Reminds me of the Porter Teleo wallcovering for Kelly Wearstler’s foyer. People pay good money for that stuff!

  10. ya gotta laugh- “mommy scribbles on things, so why not me?”. this is SO a case of you reap what you sow!! ;-)


  11. Marielle says:

    LMAO! do you blame him? he’s two! and just copying his mama! lol too cute i don’t mind the scribbles….they are what make a house a home :)

  12. Can’t help to love your babies. Like all the others said they only do what they see mommy do.

  13. Melissa says:

    Add a few neon paint splatters to the back of the chair to contrast with the scribble. It will look intentional and not overdone. Plus, it’s trendy.

  14. jo ro says:

    Is it terrible it makes me laugh?

    Almost as much as this:

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      No, as much as my heart dropped when I saw it, I’m not that upset. I think its sort of funny too.

      And that link you posted is PRICELESS.

  15. i think you should go balls to the wall with paint.

  16. Beatrice says:
  17. maybe make the lines thicker with a sharpie…and now its a custom upholstery…kind of like you did for the bachelor’s apartment’s walls?

  18. Beth says:

    Well done scribbles, I have to say. Scribble “Love” on the back of the chair and it’s complete! Plus, it will remind you how much you love your kids. ;-)

  19. Faye Cunanan says:

    That seat can be made into a work of art….. an accent chair if you would like…. Really!!!