Best and Worst Dressed: Grammy’s 2013.

This is so easy its almost not even worthy of a blog post… Isnt it obvious?

Rhianna. Looked. Gorgeous. Although isnt this a little overdressed for her? Last year she was all sexy and dressed down, this year she is giving us ephemeral. It’s freaking phenomenal though.

She performed in this, so sexy.

I say overdressed- because look what Beyonce showed up in… I mean, The Grammy’s are notorious for all over the place outfits. And Queen Bey coming off of her Superbowl performance has reason to dress down. She’s too cool for school, obviously. What do you think? Also, I really dislike Beyonce’s choice of shoe. And her body is so crazy its hard for me to believe its real. That waist line is crazy! (Not that I think she did anything to it, just saying it’s amazing.)

Solange looked amazing. And thank the lord she isnt throwing her leg out of that slit. Girl knows how to be cool. And I love the spiked neon pumps. And the afro. Amazing.

This might be the best of the night – Kelly Rowland KILLED it in this outfit. KILLED. Its the perfect combination of badass and beautiful.

This custom made Givenchy was a point of contention online. I say, for her, its a win.

She got a teeny drop wrinkled, but this photo was taken at intermission. So gotta forgive it. Lena looks cute with her Jack Antonof.

Is this slit too high? It might be. But I usually love how Maria Monounos dresses. The slit though… thoughts? Maybe this is bad.

All of the rest of the people on this list are wearing black. Interestingly enough.

Allison Williams, aka Marnie, aka Katy Perry’s date for the evening, you shine bright like a diamond.

Ridiculous that Kathy Griffin never looked so good.

Ditto Kelly Osborn. Love the cut out dress….

I love Estelle in this. Girl is cool, she can pull it off.

Chrissie Teigan was just gorgeous.

Should I get into the worst dressed? Ok, here goes. For this evening, for my rule of thumb for worst dressed was- if you look like you are in a costume, it’s not great.  They are all beautiful women, but once in a while we all make mistakes.

Katy Perry Does Pricilla Presley in Gucci. I think the hair, or the boobs killed this look. One or the other. If there was no peek a boob it would have maybe been cool?

Taylor Swift is a grecian goddess AGAIN. This isnt BAD bad, its just whatever. Her Never Getting Back Together song is just so ridiculous I thought it was a joke when I heard it for the first time. (But I also thought One Direction was a spoof when I saw them on SNL, so yea…) She’s undeniably extraordinarily gorgeous, but for someone with so many boyfriends she has the sex appeal of a stick. And that is probably because she is still so young and awkward. Like a baby deer who was just born and is stumbling around on their lanky legs.

Karli Kloss as a Real Housewife. I dont know why, but Im just not a  huge fan of this. Maybe because it makes her look so skinny? Or maybe it just looks a little too luncheon in Beverly Hills for this event. Camille Grammer would kill in this. Side pony and all.

Adele as a lampshade. This was a hate it or love it moment. I’m on both sides of the fence. It’s kind of badass to dress like a lampshade from the 70s? Isnt it? It looks like there should be a plastic covered couch really close by. But maybe thats good? The more I look at this, the more I like it.

Ashanti literally looks like she’s drowning in this. Maybe this is a lesson to all, that peek a boobs are not a good look.

Alexa Chung, this isnt a picnic, other than that, its pretty… but its just not the right venue.

J Lo- this leg makes me VERY angry at you. This whole thing just needs to stop. She does this with a complete lack of irony. That’s why its so awful.

Carrie Underwood- other people really liked her in this Disney Princess  Roberto Cavalli look. She doesnt look bad exactly, and it’s not even the dress thats killing it, it’s the hair.

Anyway, I think they were all so obvious. None of these worst dressed people actually look BAD, so maybe, it just wasn’t that exciting of a red carpet?

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree?

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  1. Lets just all agree that Ri Ri looked AMAZING last night. Forgot how much I missed those long locks. And I love Adele- she can do no wrong in my eyes so I’m team Lampshade.

  2. Megan says:

    I totally agree with your picks – good (Kelly!) and bad (JLO!). Except I completely loved Adele, I love that she took a chance on big color and her makeup and hair was so pretty and she was smiley and happy. Every time the camera went to her during the show I got a thrill.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Re Adele: at first I thought no way, but I really started to like it. And she is just so beautiful.

  3. katy perry=vampire gumby

    and while rhianna looked beautiful it looked like she was trying too hard or something…i like her better edgy. she seemed out of her element. like she was in a vogue editorial shoot. if she had worn this to the oscars i would have believed it more.

    lena dunham was my favorite. she looked fresh and beautiful.

  4. I almost spit out my coffee when I got to the JLO picture.. I mean seriously?? It looks like she took a black sheet and draped it over one shoulder and then down between her legs.awful.

    Also I’m all the way team adele but her facial expression makes her look really uncomfortable.