Be Mine?

As you might have imagined, we are not big on the Valentine’s Day festivities over at my house.Well, we weren’t but now that we have the kiddies it’s kind of fun, isn’t it? For example… David took Cookie to Duane Read and came home with the bag of “Be Mine” candy. Text Me!?!? I almost fell out of my chair when I found that one! There was also tweet me, and friend me. Ah, love in the modern age.

And while I’m still not even remotely intrigued by the red roses, Oyster pre-fixe meal, blown out version of V-day, I do love the sweet nothings version of it. My friends over at Franki Elizabeth, a new floral and event planning company,  teamed up with Parker Red to present Bouquets & Bites, a cute little pop up shop on Valentine’s day that’s going to have ready tied bouquets for between $30- $60 and little packaged desserts and treats for $15- $25 at Axis Theatre Company, 1 Sheridan Square (@ West 4th + Barrow St) on Feb 14, 1pm-7pm.  (I loved their graphics so much I had to share them. )  I would be psyched to get an amazing little bouquet and cupcake concoction. I’ve been the recipient of one of their tied bouquet’s before. They are amazing, and smell awesome because they use tons of  fresh herbs in the arrangements…but I’d be psyched about that any time of year, now wouldn’t I?

As for the dangling  rose gold heart necklace HERE– I think this is the only heart I’ve ever purchased. I kind of share it with Cookie. Its a Jennifer Zeuner piece- I really love all her stuff, see the whole collection HERE. Mini things are the new big things.

So in conclusion, I’m promoting baby tiny cuteness for Valentine’s day year, if anything at all.

So do you even celebrate?

(Text Me is on the cover of Issue 2 of Man of the World. Graphics and floral photo by Franki Elizabeth.) 



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  1. I actually love Vday. I think of it more as a celebration of love. Love for anything and anyone. Friends, babies, my dog. We all have someone we can call our Valentine.

  2. I’m not usually a fan of valentine’s day but I feel like this year is a little different! I enjoyed your post