ART: Airport InSecurity

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of the work of Tirzah Bassel. Tirzah is an Israeli artist whose work centers around the idea of intimacy in public places. Her work often focuses on the airport, and the subway, spaces where that public and private are blurred and physical encounters that are not a normal part of society are excepted.  Tirzah works with oil paint, but also with duct tape. Who knew that duct tape could render so  many textures, nuances and emotions? I cant get over how fascinating the theme is. As you look through the work, and see people getting their hair blown out, or a shave, or standing on a subway platform, you realize how interesting all these little moments are, how complex the fabric of society is. I find them to be very touching. Her duct tape installations are often site specific. She applies tape to black plexiglass or directly onto walls. See more of her work HERE.

Isnt this interesting?
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  1. This is so interesting- what a unique take! Every piece made me stop and stare.

  2. Lauren says:

    I would never think to use duct tape in this way. Very creative.