Vacation Goodies.

Remember when I spent a hundred freakin years needlepointing a belt? And how it cost a couple hundred dollars to make and have finished? And how I have another (gorgeous) one 95% done for the past 4 months? Well, yea. Now I know why people outsource production to other countries. I knew this existed, obviously, but I just didn’t realize how good they would be. Needlepoint belts are usually super granny, preppy or 70s, and not in a good way. But lo and behold, the Mexicans, who pretty much invented neon in fashion, make the most “on trend” belts I have ever seen. I love anything tribal. And I bought two, for only $30 each. YUP. Does this delight or disappoint me? Neither, both. I’m happy to have more of them, but I just know, KNOW, that Urban Outfitters or Anthro, or Isabel Marant, is going to make something like this… get ready. Just remember, you saw it here first.

Also pictured, a classic serape. Love it. Almost got divorced over my supposed inability to bargain.

And an awesome scarf (that I’m still kind of scared to wrap around my neck), and the most eensy teensy baby straw sombreros. I wish you had a sense of scale here, because the big one is for Cookie’s head and the small one is for JoJo’s. I wish WISH that I had a chance to do a little photo shoot with them standing facing the oceans wearing these hats hanging on their backs. Holding hands. But alas.

I also found the most amazing little embroidered dresses for baby girls (none in our size) and these poncho-like tops made out of embroidered textile that looked like the latest Proenza, but my husband was there, and he wouldn’t let me buy anything “UGLY.”  I say LET because of course, I didn’t bring any money or credit cards with me out to dinner, then I have to physically get possession of some money to buy something, and since we have very different ideas of “THAT’S AWESOME”, it makes for some fireworks. I make that mistake every single dingle time I go on vacation. (Imagine if my husband needed MY physical consent to buy the 3 bottles of tequila he lugged home from the airport?!? Would that EVER fly in the other direction, or would he say that carrying vats of liquor (in glass!) along with our two kids and 4 suitcases and 1 stroller was nonsensical and flat out CRAZY!??! RIGHT.) LADIES, carry your own pesos. And by ladies, I mean anyone who’s wearing the clothes without pockets.

Also, up top is what the light is like in my apartment around noon. Harsh, bright and intense.

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  1. Marielle says:

    this is too funny! u always make that mistake!!!!

  2. Jo_Ro says:

    Oh, no need to bargin – they need the $

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Of course, but a little haggling is part of it. They build it into the price.