Surf or Ski?

I’m a big fan of photographer Gray Malin’s work... his Prada Marfa photos are some of my favorites, but I also love his aerial photography…. He’s done his À La Plage, À La Piscine series on continents all over the world. I’m sure you’ve seen it. It’s really fabulous… He uses doorless helicopters to photograph beaches and pools from above. And the results are amazing. Humans become random forms and colors, nature engulfs and becomes all powerful and what I like best about it- is that each continent, he’s done this in Europe, North America, South America, and Australia each have their own flavor. I really like seeing the orderly beach clubs juxtaposed with the randomness and brightness of the towel layers. Gray has just released his first À La Montagne photos, from above Aspen.  I do like them a lot, but for me they are a little less strong than the beach photos, maybe because he hasn’t done a whole bunch of them yet? I feel like once I see skiing in Europe, South America and New Zealand from above, well, the whole thing will fall into place.

So, are you a beach vacation person? Or a ski vacation person? Surf or Ski?

See Gray Malin’s work HERE.

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  1. I absolutely love his stuff. Definitely a surf person but loving the ski ones too!

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  2. can i have both?!? I’m a huge fan of his work; it’s amazing that he’s able to get such a great image with this technique. think about it: he’s in a helicopter. he cannot control the range of colors in the shot, nor the subject, and he manages to pull off an amazing image. it’s kinda bananas. maybe it’s excellent editing and/or cropping, but i’m seriously stuck on how well composed and complimentary the colors are in all of these shots.

  3. So in love, I have been dying to get my hands on one! So I actually really like the snow ones. I love the pop of a ton of bright colors on the all white canvas. But lets be real, I’m a California girl who loves the beach. I’d rather see the snow from afar, like hanging on the wall. My first will def be a beach one though, maybe one with surfers!

  4. mmish says:

    SURF!!! Who wants to escape the cold weather for more cold weather…not me!

  5. Cheri says:

    Love the pics!!!!!

  6. Really love his work and I haven’t seen the ski ones before. They are awesome. I love both Surf + Ski….but have turned Ski through marriage ha…

  7. Love. I’d have to say I prefer surf, though ski looks mighty fine in those photogs.

  8. love these!!! i’m a full blown beach vacationer. the thought of skiing doesn’t sound relaxing in the least…


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