Picasso: Black and White at The Guggenheim.

Yesterday morning we were sitting around the house having breakfast and coffee while Cookie made a house of out magna-tiles. My husband decided to teach her the word “Architecture.” What is architecture? How could we show her something cool and different? Hmmm…The Guggenheim! I told her the building was a spiral, shaped like one of her curls, and off we went. Now let me first say, that any excuse to go to the Guggenheim is a good one. It’s the most exhilarating building to be inside, and especially to see art in. Seeing an exhibit in the round like that, without getting lost or backtracking and seeing the same things over and over… experiencing it with everyone else in the building all at once, well, its awesome. Then to top it off, the Picasso Black and White exhibit was still running. I cant imagine a better suited space to see this work in. For me, the curvature of the building and the black and whites implied in its shadows, is reminiscent in the body of work that was being displayed. Picasso’s work, stripped of color, is about form and shape and line. Exactly like the Guggenheim. And as Picasso himself said, his work was never about color. “The fact that in one of my paintings there is a certain spot of red isn’t the essential part of the painting,” Picasso himself once said to Françoise Gilot. “You could take the red away, and there would always be the painting.”

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A Picasso exhibit is also an amazing place to take a child to learn about art. Not to be simplistic, but showing a child a painting and having them try to figure out what it is- a cubist painting of a guitar for example, a still life of a kitchen table, a woman, etc… its a great exercise for them. Its not completely abstract, so they can learn about different forms of self expression and the different ways to represent forms. We examined the faces and I explained to her that Picasso chose to represent faces both in profile and head on at the same time. She looked at the different eye shapes and we talked about which was profile and which was straight on. She took my iPhone and walked around snapping photos of certain works, but also – she opened the Brushes app- a drawing app- and started copying the paintings she liked. It was really awesome. I have to say, I think this was the first  art exhibit that I’ve ever taken her to that she really GOT.

Anyway, the show is only running until January 23, so go soon! And I highly recommend bringing your kids ;) Also, you arent really supposed to take photos in there, so my super stealth iPhone shots stink. Sorry, I usually try to do better.

Have a great day!

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  1. Its cool to see parents showing their kids art and explaining it to them in a simple form. Glad to see that she’s also interested…very important. I know some kids who wouldn’t even have patience to stand at the Guggenheim ha!


  2. i would love to go. that shot you made, the gif..that are of the guggenheim has been in SO many movies.
    cool to see it here.

    in fact i’ll bet just walking around new york feels like walking around the set of a movie.

  3. loved your moving people photo…did you take a tripod or just hand held it? Cookie will be a a true connoisseur. You are such a good mama

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      No way would they let me bring a tripod in there! I had to sneak it with my iPhone… they were all snuck with the iphone, thats why they stink!But thanks!

  4. LOVE this post. I find it very inspiring.