Old School Americana.

Welcome to my new favorite thing ever. Its Ralph Lauren Vintage, a site run by the RL team, that features a collection of RL vintage clothing from the 80s and 90s for sale. Over the years, we’ve come to associate the Ralph Lauren brand with polo shirts and riding boots and the English saddle,  but there is also this wild south western princess of the frontier look, and I just love that RL is celebrating it with this site. I love horses and all horse culture paraphernalia. I’ve always LOVED  jodhpurs and riding boots, and I have a serious amount of preppy in me- I even started riding English style- but I think I could go west, go west. One of my  dream trips that I hope to do this year is to actually hit up the West and Southwest… Big Sky Country, and of course the dessert.

Also, RL is hosting a “Bring it back” contest on their site, where you can vote on what vintage look you want re-editioned. I love this too. Part of why I LOVED the Margiela for H&M sale a few months ago, was because it was re-editions, and not simplified versions of their clothes. I thought that was such a special way to address it. And now with the 90s being celebrated ironically by hipsters everywhere, it seemed about time to bring back the Polo Bear Sweater.

Fringes and Serapes for everyone. Love it. Check out the site. HERE. 

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