I’m SUPER, thanks for asking.

I’ve blogged about these babies in passing before, but since I just bought two new pairs, they have officially reached the status of MY NEW FAVORITE SUNGLASS BRAND. SUPER. My original leather wrapped pair, from Bright Eyes in Brooklyn, are beyond cool. Fit perfectly, look badass… What  I love about the brand, is that the glasses are perfectly retro awesome, and also, all priced around $150. They are like a new edgier looking RayBan. I’m gonna say, that these cheaper sunglass brands are the wave of the future. I love you very much, Chloe, Celine, Lanvin, etc… But I really DONT want to spend $400+ dollars on a pair of plastic sunglasses that I will inevitably lose, or get tired of within the year. I’m a sunglass junky, because my eyes are so sensitive to light. I wear sunglasses in the rain. In the snow. In the winter. So thats why I need to collect them. Cant have the same face on every day, can I? This is really like a blogging PSA. Get your SUPERS! Get your SUPERS! Cause they are really awesome.

Try not to barf at the sight of my face.

Glasses are available HERE, HERE, HERE. And I love the square top, but they make other frames too.


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