FOODIE FRIDAY: Sweet Potato Arugula Salad.

Last night my sister Steph came over, and started whipping something up in my kitchen. It was so beautiful, and delicious, that I had to take some photos for the blog. I originally intended for this blog to include recipes. My initial tag line for the blog was: Fashion.Food.Furniture. (Ha!) When I first got married I was kind of into cooking… flash forward 6 years, and I’m a just getting by type of cook. It’s not something I’m proud of, but the urge just isn’t there for me the way it used to be. I cant do everything, right? But cooking can be such a creative outlet! I’m working on a cool collaboration on that front. This will never be a cooking blog, but throwing in an easy awesome recipe once in a while is never a bad thing.  We all need new ideas, right?

In the meantime, please enjoy this salad. Even though my sister made it, salads MIGHT be the only thing I’m semi-decent at making. Maybe its because its what I enjoy eating the most? (I subscribe to the Michael Pollan school of nutrition: Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants. Read THIS.) This one includes:

Baked Sweet Potato (mine was leftover from the kid’s dinner the night before)
Isreali Cucumbers
Grape Tomatos
Red Onion

Cut up a room temperature baked sweet potato, clean arugula, slice cucumbers with the peel, halve the tomatoes, and chop the onion.

Add feta, and dress with oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. You can blend the dressing with a dollop of mayo if you like. Or not.

The sweet potato and cheese make it a really filling salad, so it can totally be a sufficient lunch or a great appetizer with dinner.


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  1. Yummm this looks amazing! I love anything sweet potato.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  2. This looks delicious! Perhaps your sister could be a regular contributor? :-)

  3. seriously. i have TONS of recipes. i could have a second food blog easy. lets talk.

  4. ‘Arugula. It’s a veg-gi-tah-ble.’ Seen that movie? That line always runs thru my head when I hear arugula. And sorry, I can’t sleep at 6 am so I’m reading blogroll and commenting, which as I’m writing this seems bad.
    Recipe sounds fab and may be lunch today since I have all the ingredients!

  5. This looks amazing! I already wrote the ingredients on my shopping list. I needed something new. Thank you!