Foodie Friday: Roast and Fennel Sandwich.

Last week, I featured a drink made by my hubs, and I mentioned that he makes killer sandwiches. The toast tent got a lot of questions. So here it is. You do this (or you could use a toast rack, but who does that?) and it doesn’t sog up. Viola! My husband also has some other very valuable tips…. first off: no matter what you are putting in the sandwich, dont mix the mayo into the protein, slap it on the bread instead. You can taste it better and you actually use less. He likes to cover the bread all the way to the edges. This Maille mustard is a must.

What’s inside? What’s inside? Well, the best thing about the weekends is throwing stuff together with leftovers. Its a leftovers sandwich kind of thing. So inside we have a roast beef (that I cooked with soy sauce and siracha) and that mornings fennel salad (just dressed with olive oil and salt). Strange combo, maybe, but it was awesome! Every sandwich needs something fresh and crunchy.

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  1. That Maille mustard is THE best. Such a great sounding combination for a sandwich!

  2. Marielle says:

    time for a cookie&jojo update!