DIY: Woven Leather “RESORT” Camera Strap.

Welcome to Winter. As we all know, winter is awesome. I love snow, I love going home at 4 PM and settling into snuggle mode early, but OBVIOUSLY, the best part of winter is going on vacation. RESORT, as the fashion folks like to call it. Are resort lines actually different than Spring/Summer collections? I think they might be more resort-y. Clothes you would totally wear down to your hotel beach one day, but would never wear if you had to go in actual public. RE: Sheer coverups? Am I getting this right? Who knows. Who even buys resort clothing? I know I only buy it for my kids, because they grow and the clothes from summer don’t always fit: and everyone knows the best bathing suits for kids come out during winter.

What am I rambling about? Bottom line: I made some new camera straps. I had been eyeballing this pink woven leather at M&J for a while… Partly because I actually own Stella McCartney Sandals made of this exact stuff. Yesterday I decided I needed another camera strap. I LOVE my original, but why not change it up? At first I just made the tan leather. Then the navy was too good to pass up, and then maybe the green was the best one of all. No wait, the pink! (Even though I cannot wear shoes that match my camera strap. That’s just too much!) I thought the pink was cute on its own, but since it was already playful, I decided to  adorn it with handmade baby tassels, just at the shoulder. The tassels are easy to make, and can easily be adapted into a number of DIY’s. (Add to necklaces, bracelets, anklets, T-shirts…)But they do take the sophistication down a little and make it more trendy. The other three look so high end, they could be sold at Barney’s.

Adding the buckles so that the strap is adjustable is easy, you can  see the tutorial HERE. Tiny Tassel Tutorial coming soon.

To start 2013 off with a BANG I’ve decided to send a camera strap to some of my blogging besties and photographers across the country to see how they wear them! (Don’t worry if you havent heard from me yet, I just decided.) Camera straps are the new IT BAGS, but there is no reason why I need  6 of them,  so why not share the wealth? Right? Now I have to go collect addresses and get these babies moving! I cant wait to see what all my style-maker photography obsessed friends ROCK EM!

Happy 2013!

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  1. Ohh these are amazing. I just got a new camera for Hanukkah and this would be the perfect accessory, any interest in selling one of them? Let me know!

  2. love it. if i had a camera i would ask you for one.

  3. Love them…love the tassels! love the vibe. You should sell them too!

  4. omg.. my fave sketch42 diy yet!!!! my lumix is begging for a new strap, can we make one together?

  5. These are amazing! Where can I find the woven strap so I can make one? Thanks for another great tutorial!!

  6. so cute! i cant wait to see the tassel tutorial …

  7. Amber Smith says:

    Love this camera strap, Nicole! If you were to sell them would you send one to Abu dhabi? :)

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I dont think I will be selling them, but if you really want one, shoot me an email!