DIY: Tiny Tassel Tutorial

This one is pretty easy… and I love these teeny weeny tassels. So cute. Basically you need embroidery thread and a scissor.

1.Cut about a yard, yard and a half of embroidery thread.

2. Start folding it, and folding it until you make a little bundle.

3. Take another thread- the GREEN one here- about 12″, and tie a tight knot in the middle of the bundle. (I used contrasting colors, but you can use the same color thread to make your tassels look more polished.

4. Take both green strings, pull them to the top, and fold the two sides of the yellow bundle down.

5. Take another piece of GREEN thread, and tie it around the bundle near the top. You can wrap it around a few times if you like that look.

6. Use your scissors to cut the loops at the bottom of the tassel. And you can use your scissor to trim the bottom so that they are mostly even.

OPTIONAL: You can pull the entire tassel through a cute bead, a hex nut, or end cap to make it look more polished after step 4. Trim the first green string so its just a knot, and use a dab of glue and a toothpick or tweezer to jam the end of the tassel into the cap. Looks so polished and chic this way, even when attached to real jewelry.

And here they are attached to my camera strap! Such a fun, cute and easy DIY. Send me pictures if you make them!

Happy Weekend folks!

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  1. So cute! I love them without the polished look. Too cute.

  2. Cheri says:

    Love love love!!!!!!!!!!!