DIY: Simple Tube Necklaces

With jewelry, I either like things really chunky and ornate, or so simple, tiny and chic. Tiny jewelry is so underrated. Like, for example, I have this insanely skinny diamond band that looks like a wedding band except for the fact that it’s so thin, and I wear it on my index or middle finger. I get more compliments on that than I do on my actual wedding band! So I’ve been inspired by all my favorite skinny, dainty and simple things to create this really easy and cool necklace set. The DIY is basically just attaching jump rings to chain, I even feel like to see the finished product is to know how to make it, and no DIY guide is necessary, but I included one anyway. I am happy to show you the simplest of DIY’s because, honestly, they come out the BEST. The more complex it is, the more likely it is that its going to look too crafty. Simplicity.

So, you need two sets of jump rings, a lobster clasp, a few feet of metal chain (I bought 5 feet and it made a few necklaces) and metal tubes. You can also use hardware from your local hardware store to mix it up. I used two sets of tweezers to manipulate the jump rings.

Measure the chain to a length you feel you like.

Open the big jump ring with your tweezers. Add on the lobster clasp, and the tiny jump ring.

Close the big jump ring by squeezing it back into place with your tweezers.

Open your tiny jump ring, and string into onto the chain, then close it.

String on your tube.

Add the other tiny jump ring to the other side of the chain, and your big jump ring to that.


You can do a lot of variations on this… I strung two silver chains onto the same jump rings, and used various sized tubing. I used three silver tubes on some brass chain and then I strung through one of the tubes with both ends to create a hanging triangle… you could do a ton of variations. And they look chic together and apart.

Just ’cause it’s easy, doesn’t make it wrong!

PS Check my instagram for some selfies wearing the necklaces later.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this necklace! So classy and simple. One question though, where did you buy your supplies? If you do not know, where would you recommend to buy chain? I’ve always had trouble finding the perfect chain for projects like this :). Thank you!

  2. this looks awesome! super cool DIY.
    can’t wait to stop by those locations in manhattan and give this a try!