Well, I’m home from my trip! (I feel like I’m starting to think in emoji because in my mind I just put a smiley face there.) Anyway, I got home to a lovely surprise in my inbox. A reader implemented an idea she got from reading this blog! Happens to be that the reader, Sally Cohen, is also my daughters dance teacher and has a degree in design (more emoji!). She’s just gotten started decorating her new place, and I cant wait to see what she does with it. I cant even freakin describe how cool I think this color-blocking DIY is. And it proves two things: Not all DIY’s look like crap, and not all art has to be “important” to be impactful. This piece is too legit to quit.

Majorly impressed. And so in love with the fact that she sent me the photo! YOU should send me photos of the ideas you implement too. Isn’t that the kind thing to do? Really?

See the original inspiration HERE.  I’m going to restock my fridge, empty out my suitcases and maybe hit up NYIGF… Enjoy!


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  1. Nina says:

    You have got to go see the apartment! She still isn’t finished but it is amazing! She’s using her parents old peices, with bought things from accessible stores, and adding her own flair! If u like color blocking- this is your type of place!

  2. very cool!!! impressive….looks rich for sure. Glad to have you back!!

  3. Love this, I have always been a huge fan of geometric art and this is such a great application.


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