Agathe de Bailliencourt

At the Pulse Art Fair in Miami, I fell in love with the work of artist Agathe de Bailliencourt (what an awesome name) at the Benrimon Gallery. Two huge works were displayed, and I loved them. I started chatting with Leon, the owner, and we both agreed that the other was SO FAMILIAR and yet HOW did we know each other? College? Friends?  It wasn’t until I visited the gallery last week for a chat with him, that I realized that I met him last year, when the ADL displayed my work at a show against defamation at his gallery! Small world!

I asked Leon to share some more of Agathe’s work with me and the blog… A little bit about the artist: Born in 1974, Agathe de Bailliencourt’s media ranges from canvas and paper to public spaces and architecture. Although her drawings and paintings are rather abstract, her work is characterized by a more or less aggressive pressure to be as tangible as possible. She is interested in the act of painting within a concrete context. Creating a personal experience, she emphasizes her freedom and its constraints in a direct and spontaneous way. The works themselves are an attempt to show a total sincerity of self including incidence and failure. For her installations, de Bailliencourt develops works directly within the perspectives of the urban landscape, within the everyday reality of people. The installations do not follow a precast plan, but emerge in the actual occupation of the space when she begins a project.Whether her work is a large-scale installation or a work on paper, the research and concerns are the same. Primarily, she is interested in personal freedom and liberation. Therefore, the integral elements of her work are figures of contradiction and repetition, patterns of continuous, countless, irrepressible approach.

Now even I dont fully get what the artist’s bio actually MEANS, but I’m incredibly drawn to her work. I love the suggestion of interiors in some of these pieces, and her intense palette. I find the compositions of the works to be incredible. I just love them all.

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  1. LOVE this artist’s work. Its so visually balanced and engaging.

  2. o gosh…her work is amazing! thanks for always posting such great art